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I’m sooo excited for today (well yesterday’s) feature artist, Dispatch!!

“Social responsibility has always been a major component of the Dispatch culture. During its June 2011 tour, the band rolled out its Amplifying Education campaign, which focused on educational issues in the U.S. Not only did one dollar from each ticket sold go to benefit education in each local market, but audience members were encouraged to sign up to volunteer, which they did eagerly. ‘I’m always amazed when people show up for these volunteer events, because everyone’s busy and has a lot going on in their lives,’ Stokes says. ‘But our fans are so passionate about the band, and that seems to lend itself to their wanting to do more than just come to the show.'” (from Bonnaroo’s website description of the band)

I just really can’t say anything other than i LOVE these guys and CAN’T WAIT to see them!!



Brad Corrigan – vocals, drums, guitar, percussion, and harmonica

Pete Francis Heimbold – vocals, bass and guitar

Chad Urmston – vocals, guitar, bass, and percussion

Genre: Alternative, indie rock, jam band

Latest Album: Dispatch – EP

Hometown: Boston, MA