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AH! 15 DAYS!! Today’s feature artist is fun.:

“Close your eyes.  Okay, no wait — open them because you need to keep reading — but close them in spirit. Now pretend fun. is not a band, but an amusement park. Just replace the guitar with a log flume and the percussion with a carousel.  Now imagine the crowds lining up for a ride on fun.’s sophomore record, Some Nights.  The line snakes around the whole park.  Maybe there are some bearded ladies on it.  Maybe lots of bearded ladies.  Anyway.  As you get closer, you see the entrance to Some Nights is actually Nate Ruess’ head.  His mouth is open wider than should be physically possible and his uvula dangles in the dark.  The musical tracks harden into wooden rollercoaster tracks. You get on the car, and with a jerk, it starts to move. There’s that familiar feeling that tells you something pretty transformative is about to happen.  Lights flash as you go plummeting into the darkness.  The rollercoaster version of Some Nights follows the same path as the album version: colorful on the outside, deeper than you had imagined in the center, and so good it’ll make your head spin. Want to go again?” (from Bonnaroo website’s description of the band)

I saw these guys when they came to Penn State and the whole band is just a lot of fun (haha) and packs a lot of energy. Seeing them again at Bonnaroo will just be awesome!
I’m sure you guys have all heard “We Are Young” so here’s a different side of them:

which leads to this song:



Nate Ruess – lead vocals

Jack Antonoff – vocals, guitars, trumpet

Andrew Dost – vocals, piano, guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, synthesizers, trumpet, flugelhorn, glockenspiel, drums, percussion, beach ball,cardboard box

Genre: Indie rock, alternative

Latest Album: Some Nights

Hometown: New York City, NY