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AHH! 20 DAYS!! IS THIS REAL LIFE? I can’t believe it’s so close! To celebrate, today’s feature artist is Santigold:

“Santigold is, on one level, Brooklyn-based singer Santi White. But in the big picture, Santigold is White and her producer/songwriter partner-in-crime John Hill, aka “Johnny Rodeo” — plus all of the talented other producers, DJs, musicians and “underground fly kids” who lent their skills, beats and inspirational vibes toward the creation of Santigold’s debut CD, last year’s Santogold (Lizard King). Prior to dreaming up Santigold, White and Hill played ska-punk in the band Stiffed, and you can still hear that energy all over Santogold — along with lots of hip-hop, techno, grime and indie-rock elements. All together, it’s sound that’s guaranteed to hook you by the ear and make you move.” (from Bonnaroo description of the artist)

I can remember jamming out to Santigold (then spelled Santogold) in my car on the way to and from high school thinking, “This would be such a good show to go to…” AND NOW I GET TO SEE HER!



Members: Santi White

Genre: New Wave, dub, electronica, hip-hop, reggae fusion, pop

Latest Album: Master of My Make-Believe

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY