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2013 Arts Crawl Band Application Submission is now OPEN

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It’s that time of year again. Arts Crawl is on Friday, April 5th this year. For those of you who don’t know, Arts Crawl is a collaboration of art/fest held at Penn State. Last year we had somewhere in the range of 20 bands and about a handful of DJs. The times for Arts Crawl are not definite yet, but should range about from 5-10 PM. (This will be updated with official times real soon). Bands recieve a small payment to help cover any costs. If you would like to apply for your band to be a part of this years Arts Crawl, please email with the following information:

1. Band Name
2. Band Member’s Names/Instruments
3. A brief band bio
4. Your band’s style/sound/genre
5. Could your band perform acoustic/do you need specific equipment? (If your group has your own PA, please let us know here)
6. What do you think your band would bring to Arts Crawl?
7. Where we can find your band on the internet?

Either put this info in the body of the email or attach a word doc to the email.

Please include 2-3 songs on your application whether it be bandcamp, youtube, mediafire, or whatever.

Also, disregard the date/time for this event, it’ll be posted when the final day to get applications in is.

Sorry, but no cover bands at Arts Crawl.

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