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Throwback Thursday: Rainy Day Edition




…even on a cloudy day, I’ll keep my eyes fixed on the sun


It’s finally springtime, and we can put this horrible winter behind us. But with the fresh, new life of the spring, comes stormy weather and rain. Before we can enjoy the world again, we’re going to have to deal with some gray skies for a little. That’s where we can help. The theme of this week’s Throwback Thursday is rainy day songs.



The 20 songs on this playlist are sweeping and stormy tracks that are best enjoyed indoors staring wistfully out of a foggy rain-covered window. Whether they are directly about rain or not, all of these songs can help you embrace being stuck inside waiting for the storm to pass. Make the best of your day in and lose yourself in the sounds of the thunder and rain as they add natural sound effects to this mix.



That’s it for this week’s throwbacks, but come back next week for a brand new batch of more old songs!