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Sorry for the inconsistency and delays in the posts!! Travelling all around interrupted my writing schedule. So we’ll do 2 in a row today. The 25th day band is Ben Folds Five.

“Ben, Robert and Darren first got back together last summer to record three new songs for a career retrospective 3-CD set released in October of last year. Finding it to be fun and feeling that old magic, the three original members decided to go the distance and record a full new album at Ben’s Nashville studio earlier this year.” (from

Personally, I can’t get enough of the piano and rock combination and I’m beyond excited that they’re back together and touring, especially through Bonnaroo.


Ben Folds – vocals, piano, and principal songwriting

Robert Sledge – bass guitar, synthesizers, and backing vocals

Darren Jessee – drums, backing vocals and co-writer for some songs

Genre: Alternative rock, piano rock

Latest Album: The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner (New album to be released this August)

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC