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A letter to the NCAA from Co-Founder Matt Andersen

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Here is a letter to the NCAA from SITR co-founder Matt Andersen.  Please share with your friends, family, and anybody who cares about Penn State.


Dear NCAA,

Before making the decision to condemn all of the Penn State sports teams with your “death penalty,” please consider the following.

Penn State has nearly 1,000 student athletes that were enrolled in the spring semester.  Nearly 400 of those students achieved a GPA that was above 3.0.  They do this while playing one of the 29 varsity sports that take place at Penn State.  These are hard working, talented, and driven individuals, who have worked their whole lives to be where they are today.  With your so-called “death penalty” you will take away a major part of these student athletes lives.  Not to mention, when the acts by Jerry Sandusky took place, these student athletes were between the ages of 4-11.  They couldn’t possibly have known about what Jerry Sandusky was doing, yet they are about to have their lives shattered by the actions he committed.  The students aren’t at fault here.  The athletes aren’t at fault here.  The managers aren’t at fault here.  The athletic trainers aren’t at fault here.  The employees of Penn State athletics, other than those on trial, aren’t at fault here.  The student athletes coming to start their careers this August were not at fault here.  Lastly, the fans, alumni, business owners, parents, and families aren’t at fault here.

If these players lose their scholarships, many of them won’t be able to afford college, and will be forced to transfer schools away from a place that they love.  Imagine if you were just offered a full scholarship to play at the Pennsylvania State University.  Imagine that it has been your dream, your entire life, to play sports at Penn State.  Imagine that you know it’s your only shot to get a college degree.  Imagine that being ripped right out from under you, for something you didn’t even know about until November.  My life would be shattered.

Think about it,

Matthew Andersen

Penn State Alumni ’12