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A Springtime Playlist

With the “warmer” weather ahead of us, there are always songs that help us really ring in the warm weather and enjoy it all the better. In order to properly celebrate the coming nice weather, here is a playlist to celebrate the end of the cold and the the day that Punxsutawney Phil predicted so long ago. So here is a quick, down and dirty 21 song playlist that will help you bask in the glory that is the new season and the blooming flowers and sunshine.

1) “April’s Song”- Real Estate

Fresh off the release of their new album Atlas, Real Estate’s calm beachy sound is a perfect way to get you thinking about the new warm weather and, come on, how can a song called “April’s Song” not be included in this playlist.

2) “Bat Out of Hell”- Meatloaf

With the warmer weather coming and being so close to summer, what is like the perfect thing to do on a nice day, go on a drive with the window down and the music pumping. What better song to accompany your road trip than the classic Meatloaf epic “Bat Out of Hell”, a song about a quick fling and just an all around fantastic rock song that just makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs, the song keeps building and building, and just makes you want to drive until you reach the sun.

3) “Do My Thang”- Miley Cyrus

Yes I know not everyone out there is a Smiler, or even a casual fan of Miley Cyrus, but her breakout album has a lot of songs that are fun and help celebrate individuality and “doing your own thing” but the song is sexy, like Miley’s voice and her “rapping” is just gets you motivated to go out and do fun things, and what better way to do fun things in the new warmth of the springtime, go smell the roses and “get crazier than hell.”

4) “Novacane”- Frank Ocean

From his first album Nostalgia, Ultra Frank sings about falling in love with a girl who wants to be a dentist, but from the beat to Frank’s fantastic vocals, this song just exudes laying outside and soaking up the sun. Now I know spring is not necessarily the time to go out and soak up those rays, but aren’t you sick of the cold and the winter?

5) “Smiley Faces”- Gnarls Barkley

This one is simple: gone are the days of five hundred layers and now are the days of shorts and a t-shirt, so put on your “Smiley Face”.

6) “Stay Cat Strut”- Stray Cats

Same as “Smiley Faces”: go outside and strut. We are no longer trapped inside huddled together trying to stay warm, and also who doesn’t like to strut?

7) “A.D.H.D.”- Kendrick Lamar

Unfortunately with the arrival of spring, that means that finals are right around the corner. Everyone will seemingly be diagnosed with a case of A.D.H.D, trying to avoid finals and procrastinating from studying, and pining to go outside and enjoy the weather.

8 ) “Man of the Year”- SchoolBoy Q

Once you finish finals, you are going to feel like the “Man of the Year” after a successful semester, and now its time to relax for three months and live on top of the world.

9) “Scarlet Begonias (Rareties Version)”- Sublime

Springtime means that the new flowers are in bloom and shooting pollen everywhere. If you are like me you will avoid coming within 100 feet of the budding flowers, but if you are lucky enough to not have allergies, stop and enjoy the beauty of the blooming flowers.

10) “Phantom Limb”- The Shins

This one doesn’t have a spring related title of the song, its just a good song that with the brilliance of The Shins, makes you just love life. Featuring a really simple guitar riff and James Mercer’s distinct vocals, this song will make you really appreciate spring.

11) “Take A Walk”- Passion Pit

It’s nice and warm, so who wants to be inside in your dorm/apartment when its finally nice enough to go outside and enjoy the weather without shivering to death. Go out and “Take a Walk”.

12) “Beautiful Day”- U2

Okay, you all may hate me for doing this one, but “Take a Walk” because its a “Beautiful Day.” Okay, yeah I know that was corny, but it doesn’t mean there’s not a hint of truth to it. It’s finally that time of the year where we can do all of those college stereotypes, play frisbee in the Quad and lay outside and do homework on the campus lawns.

13) “Colossus”-  Tyler the Creator

There are always going to be those people that hate spring, and prefer the cold, dark, depressing winter. If those people were a song it would be “Colossus.” Tyler bemoans having fans surround him at Six Flags, and just wants to ride the rides and keep to himself. Listen Tyler, we get it you can’t cope with the fame, but hey its spring and the amusement parks are open now.

14) “Till I Get There”- Lupe Fiasco

An anthem for summer, when will it come, when will it get here. Lupe may not really be making music anymore, but this song is fantastic, and evidence for why he should never stop making music. This is just a sampling of how summer feels, light breezy and carefree. The chorus of the song is so perfect and has such a good vibe that all you want is for summer to be here and just sit by the pool and relax.

15) “All These Things That I’ve Done”- The Killers

“I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier.” First off, if someone can explain what these lyrics mean, I might pay you some serious money. With spring coming, and the school year ending, people will take the time to look back at the year that was. This song may feel like it should be listened to in front of the fire during a snowstorm, but trust me, once the drums come in and the song picks up, you will understand why it should be in the Springtime Mix.

16) “New Perspective”- Panic At the Disco

What a great motto for the changing season! With the warmer weather approaching, you are going to want to start looking at things in a different light, and what better song to help kick that off than one titled “New Perspective”. Performed by a band of basically two people, the song have just a fantastic upbeat vibe and sound to it, that it makes you really just appreciate the nice weather ahead.

17) “Bang Pop”-  Free Energy

For me, almost no other song makes me think of the summer more than this one. From the sound of the lead singer’s vocals to the bouncy chords on guitar, everything combines to one fantastic song that will have you thinking of the sun and everything warm.

18) “Night Like This”- Karmin

Once again, spring unfortunately brings finals with it. After you are done with your solid two weeks of studying, you are going to want to go out and celebrate the end of an unforgettable year, and this is the perfect anthem. Karmin sings about letting go of the stresses of the day to day world and just letting go and partying like its 1999.

19) “Gold On the Ceiling”- The Black Keys

The sound is almost unmistakable, and no matter if you are a fan of the Akron based band or not, you have probably heard this song somewhere at some time. For a time it was unavoidable, much like the changing of the weather, but also like the changing of the weather it is something to welcome in with open arms. It is a simple song, and just a lot of fun to listen to while you drive around with your windows down.

20) “Champagne Supernova”- Oasis

This is the time where we slow things down a little bit and take time to look back at the academic year that was. The lyrics are poignant and make you think about choices that you had made in the year. But overall, the reason it is in a Springtime Mix is because, with lyrics like “Some day you will find me caught beneath a landslide in a  champagne supernova in the sky,” it has a cathartic feel to it that makes you want to raise a toast to everyone in your life.

21) “Boombastic”- Shaggy

One word: Shaggy.   That is all, enjoy the Mixtape.