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An exclusive interview with Young Brizz

Young Brizz

Rap artist and Penn State student Young Brizz is on the rise. He has opened up for Juelz Santana, Fat Joe, Lloyd Banks, and many other big artists. Keep a look out for Young Brizz, a truly talented individual. Check out the exclusive interview with Young Brizz and

What major artists have you opened up for? I have opened up for Juelz Santana, Mac Miller, Afroman, Fat Joe, Noreaga, Lloyd Banks, just to name a few. But i definitely have some more shows locked in so this year definitely gonna be a fun one!

What accomplishments have you made with your music and are there any places you’ve been recognized of your music? Well for me being an underdog in Philly, I feel like i haven’t accomplished a lot but at the same time I feel like I accomplished more than a lot of artists where I’m from. I will admit that i am blessed to have fans that show so much support when they see my songs all over the internet, and other crazy places! It makes me feel that I’m doing something right because I’m getting emails and messages from people all over the world thanking me for picking up a mic (haaaa). It can get over whelming at times because I feel like my music isn’t where it is suppose to be yet, but I thank god I have great listeners that support my music!

Would you like to go major in the music industry, and what is to come for you this year? I would like to go major, but I like to feel comfortable, and I like to call my own shots, so I think I’m sticking with the Independent route. But just know that my label will soon be launching officially later this year “Team Absolute Music Group” and the first cd will be my new Mixtape “A’z Up Til My Day’z Up”. Shout out to Young Elz which is my partner, we are doing a lot of big things beyond music as well so be on the look out!

Things to come for your music? A’z Up Til My Day’z Up mixtape will be in stores this spring! We are working on our clothing line Team A Gear, and actually after “A’z Up Til My Day’z Up” drops I’m going to be focusing on my production. I will be producing a lot for other artists, so look out for that!