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An interview with the Penn State Creative Arts Council

penn state creative arts council

Typically, State in the Real interviews bands and other artists. Today we decided to interview Mike Palmer who has started the Creative Arts Council. The Creative Arts Council is a new Penn State Arts Organization that is dedicated to the overall mission of making this place a more artistic environment. Brian Walker of State in the Real interviewed him a few days ago, here are some words from Palmer.


Brian: How did the Creative Arts Council Start?

Palmer: The Creative Arts Council started more so last semester, when I began talking to Presidents of other art related clubs. We all expressed the same desire to collaborate more with each other. A few of us even realized we were facing similar issues and I believe Dan Miller from Full Ammo Improv joked about having a “meeting of the presidents”. I thought it was a great idea, and I started sending out emails to see if other clubs were interested. Everyone seemed excited about putting this together so we scheduled the first meeting and now we are an official Penn State organization.

Brian: What is the purpose of the Creative Arts Council?

Palmer: The purpose of the Creative Arts Council is to strengthen the artistic community. We are very diverse and in some cases very specialized. With new students coming every year it’s hard to maintain relations among clubs that can foster more creativity and joint efforts. This club will be a meeting point for other organizations to get stuff done together.

Brian: What future do you see for the PSU University as a campus as a result of this organization?


Palmer: I see a future where the artistic community becomes strengthened. Hopefully, we will see more joint events with more participation, more talking amongst groups, and a more prominent voice in the Penn State community. I want there to be something entertaining and inspiring in every corner of campus, all the time. But for now I think you will see at least more cross club communication and there will be more awareness of what student groups are doing.

Brian: We notice that as a founder or leader of this organization you are a senior correct? How do you plan to continue this happening?


Palmer: This was one of our biggest concerns. We will be focusing on transitioning new leaders later in the semester. We want to have an involvement opportunity where we can answer questions and invite new leaders to become involved. Making sure new members learn how to run things is important for the stability of any club, this one especially. So that will be a top priority in April.

Brian: What events do you have coming as an organization? And do you plan on creating a large or small scale event to kick off the start of this club to encompass various aspects of the arts?
Palmer : We have one event so far in the works. It will be a showcasing of all the CAC members. An “arts bazaar” of sorts. Hopefully sometime late March. Stay tuned for that, there will be music for sure.


If you have any more questions about the CAC feel free to check them out on Facebook or email for more information.