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Anxiety Attack: Bonnaroo!X&%$

I don’t know about anyone else, but ever since this year’s Bonnaroo set line came out I have been having an anxiety massacre! Hopefully it’s just a momentary feeling but only time will tell. I’ve attended Bonnaroo for the past two years and this year’s line-up makes those look like a backyard birthday party. Not that the past two years weren’t the “times” of my life, it’s just that this year has gracefully hit the nail on the head.

Every year I tell myself to start listening through the line-up earlier so that I will know more of the artists and their songs once I’m there, obviously just makes for an overall better experience.

The spread this year seems so much cleaner. There are strong hints of every genre and a more vibrant emphasis on powerful bands that aren’t big-time-mainstream like in the past. I’m just glad to see that it is continuing at an upward pace, especially with sticking to its roots and having a nice supply of monster jam bands.

With that in mind, and the epicness of this year’s line-up, I haven’t had much trouble following my own previous advice. The only problem so fair is that I can’t tell if starting extra early is making me more anxious, or if that anxiety is actually worth the benefit of increasing my musical archive.

Anyway, my main objective in this post is to share some of what I’ve been discovering and rediscovering. Please proceed with caution – This could do the same to you.


Little Dragron