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Author - Ally McClure

Infusion Dance Competition to light up Eisenhower Auditorium

Nine dance teams from across the nation will compete this Saturday in Penn State’s first Infusion Filmi-Fusion dance competition, for a $3000 cash prize and bragging rights.

The Filmi-Fusion genre is the newest South Asian style of dance that is sweeping North America. A combination of Hindi-Film Dance and Fusion, this style mixes western dance technique  with traditional Bollywood tracks, for high energy and visually stunning performances.

Internationally renowned artists “The Bilz and Kashif” from Montreal, will also take to the Eisenhower stage during the Infusion competition.

Get your Bollywood fix this Saturday, March 16th at 6 p.m. in Eisenhower Auditorium.

Tickets are $6 via online pre-order, and $10 at the door for Penn State Students.

All proceeds benefit THON.


For further information:

Twitter: @psuinfusion


3oNe3 releases spring break track "Panama"

Joshua Teasley, better known by his stage name, Flexy, is the American rapper, singer and songwriter who got his start writing mixes for sororities as a student at the University of Missouri. Flexy has since paired up with Chris Murphy (aka DJ Merf) to create the Pop/Hip Hop group 3oNe3. The duo has performed some with big names, including Chingy, Timeflies and Huey Mack.

Perhaps reminiscent of their breakthrough performance during spring 2011 in Panama City Beach, 3oNe3’s newly released track will have you feeling like you’re nearby some white sand, sunshine and a cold drink this break. “Panama” brings the party scene to you, whether you’re laying by the pool in Panama City Beach, Florida or shivering in Erie, Pennsylvania. This party anthem is pure fun and a must have for all spring break playlists!




New Dance Craze: The Harlem Shake


Just when you thought you’ve caught up on your monthly dose of internet memes and sensations- there comes along a new dance craze that’s popping up all over YouTube. Korea, you may have Gangnam Style, but America has upped the ante with our “Harlem Shake”.

Catchy dubstep electronic doesn’t get more animated than when you add this freestyle dance that even the most amateur of dancing fools can emulate.

“The Harlem Shake” , a song by New York DJ, Bauuer, was introduced to the internet on August 23rd, 2012, but its fame has since skyrocketed with the satirical dance memes that followed.

The video starts off with one person dancing by himself in a room full of seemingly normal people, going about their everyday business. When the beat drops, all bets are off, and the background people explode to life, dressed in strange costumes matched with equally spastic dance moves.

The zero to sixty effect is shockingly hilarious, and gives us another reason to like it “shaken, not stirred”.

ATLAS did the Harlem Shake:

The original Harlem Shake:

Grandmas are even doing the Harlem Shake:

More Harlem Shake:

Possibly the best version yet:

The dance that can be recreated anywhere from a college dorm room to an abandoned factory is sure to please even the most dubious of all web surfers. Get your shake on!

SPA's Noontime Committee Presents Joy Ike This Friday


“Stop in between classes, grab something to eat downstairs, and join us in the Noontime lounge right above Panda Sushi!

An artist’s work is essentially her diary – often reflective, most times vulnerable, but always honest. In her 3rd full-length album, independent artist Joy Ike offers her most realized work yet – All or Nothing – 10 songs about giving up everything you have in exchange for everything you need.

Not yet a veteran, but more than a newcomer, Ike is and always has been an anomaly. As a singer/songwriter who purposefully refuses to be pigeon-holed into any one specific genre, Ike’s path has consistently taken an “anywhere for anyone” approach. Theaters, house shows, coffeehouses, churches, colleges, “…any opportunity where there is a chance to cultivate a relationship with the audience and know that I’ve spent my time well is where I want to be,” she says.

Leaving her career as a publicist in 2008, Ike has since played over 400 shows and has had the opportunity to share the stage with artist Deas Vail, Butterfly Boucher, Dwele, Chrisette Michele, Tyrone Wells, Najee, and Jeffrey Gaines to name a few. Her songs have been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered and Relevant Magazine’s The Drop; and her unique style has afforded her the opportunity to play such festivals as Lilith Fair and Purple Door.

Born to Nigerian immigrants, Joy Ike’s music, voice, and writing has drawn comparisons to female musicians such as Corinne Bailey Rae, Regina Spektor, Norah Jones, and Fiona Apple. But her percussive piano-playing and soaring vocals give homage to her African upbringing. “Some of my earliest memories involve sitting in the living room with my family singing Nigerian choruses and finding ways to harmonize with my father’s booming voice and my mother’s soprano harmonies,” Ike says of her formative years. “I also remember listening to a lot of DC Talk and Steven Curtis Chapman as a teenager…and then discovering Gwen Stefani and Vertical Horizon in high school. There were so many options!”

With so many influences, perhaps the voice that Ike has found for herself comes as a surprise to many. It is not Christian Contemporary, Alternative, R&B or Gospel, but a genre she affectionately refers to as Soulfolk – a soulful approach to a style of music that has often been reserved for guitar and banjo players.”

Meet Pete and Duff, and watch them take on The Darkhorse Tavern TONIGHT!

It’s Wednesday night and you want to have a good time. Your friends are ready to go too.

Suddenly the names Pete and Duff pop into your minds. You don’t know why, but you like it.

I’ll tell you why you like it.

Most Wednesday nights, Pete and Duff grace the stage of the Darkhorse Tavern in downtown State College. The charming duo pumps out music that can be categorized as “acoustic with energy”. They cover current artists like Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, and Mumford and Sons, but put new spins on the classics too. With a relaxed, lackadaisical vibe, their focus is playing good music with happy vibes.

It all started when Alex Duff’s late night jam sessions at Penn State Altoona attracted not only the police, but fellow musician, Pete Crowley. They started off making the Altoona party scene just a little more awesome. Pete and Duff say that their biggest challenge starting out as local musicians was finding venues to in which to play. However, the current students at Penn State Main Campus made their public debut at the Dark Horse Tavern and The Phyrst in downtown State College this year.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking their tour stops in Happy Valley. Pete and Duff are working on releasing an EP this year, and plan to continue their musical career post-graduation (perhaps taking the Pittsburgh bar scene by storm)! But for now, look out for them in our very own State College TONIGHT at 10:30 at the Darkhorse Tavern!

For more scoop on these local artists, follow them on Twitter : @PETEandDUFF

Staff Pick- Music I'm Thankful For: LP's "Into the Wild"


A ballad of sweet freedom that is undoubtedly coupled with fear, LP’s “Into the Wild” evokes all kinds of warm and fuzzy. It also brings about a sense of uncertainty, reminiscent of that first road trip you were allowed to take in your Dad’s beat up old Chevy.

I first heard this song on a credit card commercial (how’s that for underground?), and immediately I ran to the internet to find it. It pulled me in and still hasn’t let go.

I’m thankful for this powerful song and for LP, who looks like she could be the love child of Keith Richards and the curly haired Jonas brother, for putting into the track the very feeling of the open road. The lyrics are bittersweet, simple, and cut me to the bone. During the chorus, I can’t help but drop to my knees and belt it out in the comfort of my small apartment (with unfortunately thin walls).

If this was the theme song for my life, I’d be okay with that. Thanks LP. I’d go into the wild with you any day.