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Author - Brittany Hicks

Penn State Loves Kanye Like Kanye Loves Kanye

The hype for Kanye West’s show has been building up for months, since the news was released that Yeezus himself would be gracing Penn State with his presence once again.

I’ve never attended a Kanye show, but heard nothing but insane reviews of his performances. After seeing bits and pieces of his tours from the Kardashian’s and other celebrities’ Snapstories it was a no brainer that I had to attend a tour that was clearly making history.

I arrived at the BJC at 8 p.m. and it was mass chaos. Hundreds of students piled up at every single gate, many sporting very Yeezy like outfits with tall boots and dresses or the large oversized sweatshirts. Upon walking into the BJC crowds of people swarmed around the Merch booths, trying to get some hands on Kanye’s exclusive tour line.

Kanye Saint Pablo Merch

Kanye Saint Pablo Merch

Finally I was able to shuffle through the crowd and get to my seat, only to find an insane amount of people on the general floor section. At 9:15 p.m. on the dot, the BJC went black, and an ominous figure walked onto the platform on the far end of the floor on the BJC. The sides of the stage began to glow and Kanye was lifted above the floor spectators as the BJC erupted with applause and praise. Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 began to blair and everyone broke out into song with Kanye as he began to float over everyone.


I heard rumors prior to the show that Kanye’s set list included 40 songs, but I thought there was no possible way he could even get close; I was absolutely wrong. He actually performed 32 songs in total, which is still a crazy impressive amount.


Not only did he hit a ton of the tracks off his new album “The Life of Pablo” but went back to his iconic tracks like “Stronger”, “Jesus Walks”, “Touch the Sky” and a ton more I can’t even begin to list. The crowd completely lost it when he did a covers including “Pop Style”, “N****s In Paris”, and “FourFiveSeconds.” Kanye’s interesting performance style made the show even more unforgettable. He stopped songs multiple times after starting them and said “eh no bring it back, bring it back,” and would restart the song.

The entire concert was more like a spiritual experience rather than a show. Everyone around me suddenly became some of my closest friends, yelling every word of each song. Kanye’s concert defying stage and lighting took the show above and beyond my wildest expectations. Each movement of the stage was set perfectly for each track, my personal favorite being when he performed “Only One.” The floor of spectators filled up with smoke and the stage began to glow with one single light on Kanye, which made him look like he was in heaven.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Kanye’s Saint Pablo Tour is easily one of the greatest tours that hit the BJC this year. Between the stage and set, his setlist, and Yeezus himself the show was an unforgettable experience that will have me blaring Kanye weeks after.

If you want to relive one of the greatest Penn State concerts this year, check out the playlist below.


Dive Into This Shark Week Playlist

But seriously. What are you doing? If you have yet to catch an episode of Shark Week on Discovery Channel, at least celebrate with a shark week inspired playlist. The new playlist, released by Columbia Records, includes a variety of songs like Pharrell’s new track “Freedom” and Calvin Harris & Big Sean’s hit “Open Wide.” The playlist is sure to have you jammin’ out on the beach like Katy Perry’s Left Shark, so take a listen for yourself.

Jam on left shark. Jam on.

Los 5 Has The Perfect Summer Jam

Los 5 has made it to the top without even being signed. This is a credit to their infectious sound. The Latino pop group, all born in Mexico/Argentina, began making their mark in the U.S. after releasing their single “Manaña.” If you haven’t caught Los 5’s music bumpin’ on SiriusXM yet, you have probably heard them playing live shows and opening up for large artists like Fifth Harmony. Their ear catching music and good looks are even gaining them serious fan girl attention, which is well deserved. “Manaña” is easily the top-pick jam that will be hitting all the summer playlists faster than you can say “Me encanta!

In a sure fire summer song, check out their latest single, “Manaña” from the Latin pop group. Also we put together a small summertime playlist to get you in the mood for lounging out by the pool sipping on refreshing beverages.

Los 5 members

Los 5 members

Passion Pit “Pinning” Contest on April 21st

Passion Pit's Kindred 4/21

A monumental online contest for Passion Pit is set to take place on April 21st on Penn State’s campus to promote Passion Pit’s highly anticipated album, Kindred, as well as their upcoming show on May 1st. The contest will take place April 21st starting at 10 a.m., the day of Kindred’s release.

The contest itself is a unique and fun way for students to be sneaky, while easily entering themselves into a social media contest to win a Passion Pit prize pack. All a student has to do to enter is find or get pinned with a “Passion Pit Pin.” A Passion Pit Pin is a clothespin that reads on one side, “Kindred 4/21 #PassionPitPSU.” The other side will read “Pic it, # &  Post it, Pass it on!” 100 pins will be distributed the day of the event randomly to students and will circulate around campus.

Passion Pit Pins

Passion Pit Pins

After a student finds or is clipped with a Passion Pit Pin they must take a photo of it, and put it onto any of their social media pages with the hashtag “#PassoinPitPSU.” Once someone takes a photo of the pin they are supposed to sneakily pin one of their friends or another unsuspecting victim.

A winner will be chosen from all those who entered at 10 a.m. on April 22nd, and announced through State in the Real’s social media accounts. The winner must be following State in the Real’s Facebook or Twitter account to be direct messaged.

Be sure to join the Facebook event for Passion Pit Pinning to keep up to date on an locations of the pins as well as our announced winner!

For more information regarding the Passion Pit Pin event, contact Sony Music Entertainment State College Representative, Brittany Hicks, at