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Papadosio realeases their new album: T.E.T.I.O.S.


With an album name like To End The Illusion of Separation, you know the guys of Papadosio had something awesome in the works. They prove it to us today with the release of the two disc album. One thing I love about Papadosio is their flexibility. They definitely stay true to their trance fusion roots, but they also stay true to the versatility of livetronica music, and they bring it all to the table in this album of over two hours of music.  The purchase of the album comes with some perks! In addition to the hard copy, you get an immediate download of the album, as well as a 24 page portfolio of original artwork; one piece for each song. Get it here!

Pretty Lights and Bassnectar Announce NYE Plans

Earlier today Pretty Lights and Bassnectar both announced their highly anticipated NYE plans. On December 28th and 29th they will be playing a show together as “Bass Lights” in Hampton, VA. Pretty Lights will then move up the coast to NYC to perform at the Roseland Ballroom on the 30th and 31st. The glitch-hop artist posted on his FB that he is “taking it back to a more intimate vibe for NYE in NYC this year. Both nights will feature extended PL sets, so you’ll get hours of classics, bangers and new, unreleased tracks in a more intimate setting in one of the world’s most amazing cities”. No true fan of his should miss this opportunity!

Meanwhile, Bassnectar will be returning to Nashville, Tennessee for the 2nd year in a row to ring in the New Year. This year, however, he’s stepping it up a notch with “Bassnectar 360” which features a rotating stage. Check out the announcement here:


Tickets for these shows will be on sale soon! Oh, and if you haven’t done so already make sure to purchase your Pretty Lights’ ticket for the BJC on October 30th. It’s definitely a show you do not want to miss!

Happy #BLOCKtoBer!


The members of Block B: (from left to right; back) Taeil, B-Bomb, Zico, P.O, and Jaehyo (from left to right; front) U-Kwon and Kyung

Happy #BLOCKtoBer everyone! Rookie Korean hip-hop group Block B is releasing their first full-length album on October 17th, according to This is big news for the group and the fans, both of whom have had to deal with the infamous Thailand flood scandal back in February of this year.

Part of Block B’s allure is their playful attitude during interviews and performances. However, this became their downfall when incorrect translations led viewers to believe that the band was making light of something serious: namely, the floods in Thailand. In this video that was posted to YouTube, it appears that members Zico and Kyung are joking about the band only donating about $6 to help the victims in Thailand (which, of course, is not nearly enough to do anything for them). That combined with the kidding around that the guys did before the interview – one member sprawled out on a table for a picture – made the group appear insensitive.

The aftermath of the scandal, as reported by and, was far-reaching. There were articles stating that the group ruined Korea’s reputation with Thailand, fans were sending out death threats to the members’ families, and one member (P.O.) was even sent to the hospital to be treated for stress-induced mild schizophrenia. To atone for what had happened, the band’s leader (Zico) shaved his head – a sign of utmost remorse – and the group released an apology video. Subsequent performances were to be cancelled, but that was then reconsidered. The group’s production company, Stardom Entertainment, said that going on hiatus two weeks after their debut would kill their career. Stardom also stated that the group would have to show the public that they were planning to “[work] even harder than before.”

As a Block B fan, and as someone that’s watched the videos and read articles about the scandal, I’m really rooting for Block B to make an amazing album. They need prove to the world that just because they made a mistake, doesn’t mean that it’s the end of their career. Yes, there’s no doubt in my mind that Block B should’ve acted more professionally during the interview. At the same time though, I hope that they remember that they can still have fun during interviews (as long as the topic isn’t something serious). Hopefully this album will ease some of the stigma associated with the group and generate more positive conversation about their music. I, for one, can’t wait to see what they’re going to come up with.

Preview: My Interview with Jason Hann of EOTO

Michael Travis & Jason Hann of EOTO

Join EOTO on their Bass Invaders Tour this fall!

Later this week I’ll be doing an interview with Jason Hann of EOTO, so be on the look out!

For those of you who don’t already know the talented duo, consisting of Michael Travis and Jason Hann, catch up! The guys have been together since 2004, when Hann joined jamband The String Cheese Incident, playing alongside Travis. Through messing around on their own, getting down and jamming out together, the two realized they had something awesome going on, and in 2006 they officially formed EOTO.

There’s no way you can’t have mad respect for these two after seeing them do their thing live. My first EOTO show absolutely blew my mind. They’re not dubstep, and they’re not hip hop, they’re not funk, or trance, or rock; they’re literally all of it. Michael and Jason find influences from a vast array of different genres of music, instruments, and just sounds in general. Except what they play live is so different from anything I’ve ever heard. They are all improvised, all the time, and it is an amazing process to see live. The guys just want to see you dance, and they definitely bring the party to make it happen.

Scroll down to check out the tour, and pick a date to throw down with this dubstep/breakbeat/house/drum & bass/trip-hop duo (I’m catching the Pittsburgh show)! Watch the video below, and most importantly, visit State In The Real later this week to check out my interview with Jason Hann!


Check to see if Jason and Michael will be making their way to a city near you!

Concert Preview: Countdown to Conspirator

Attention all EDM fans!

Next week Levels Nightclub continues its streak of amazing performances with side-project turned supergroup, Conspirator. What began as a leisure pursuit for The Disco Biscuits’ Aron Magner and Marc Brownstein is now one of the biggest names in the world of jamtronica. The rest of the band features the musical talents of DJ Omen and guitarist Chris Michetti, with an alternating cast of drummers such as Mike Greenfield of Lotus and Adam Deitch of Lettuce.

Opening acts Abakus and Cinnamon Chasers will kick the night off at 9 pm. Don’t be surprised when you see the same person during the back to back sets – music producer Russ Davies is the mastermind behind both projects. It may seem unusual for one individual to play two different opening acts, but trust me; you won’t want Davies to get off stage. Both Abakus and Cinnamon Chasers sample an array of genres, all backed by their own spin of electric funk that makes it impossible not to dance.

I can guarantee Conspirator will take the show to the next level when they take the stage. The veteran “Bisco” boys will undoubtedly orchestrate a flawless set of electronic rock. Between the face melting guitar riffs and heart pounding bass, you won’t be able to stop moving all night. Conspirator is a top-notch, experienced band that will put on a show you don’t want to miss. This is Levels most unique booking to date, and it truly will be a treat for both Disco Biscuits and EDM fans alike.

 Tickets can be purchased here (only $17!). Can’t wait to see you all next week!

G. Love & Special Sauce are Returning to the State Theatre!

G. Love is coming to State College yet again! Philadelphia native Garret Dutton, backed by his bluesy jamband Special Sauce, will be performing at the State Theatre in early November. If you missed out when he opened for Jack Johnson last month, here’s your chance to catch him live. Opening for the trio is the festival-favorite Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad. Tickets are already on sale for $29.50 a piece and can be purchased here or at the State Theatre’s box office. This is definitely a show you don’t want to miss.

Check out both groups before the concert!