State In The Real – Penn State Music Scene

Author - Joe Rakiewicz

LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: My Brother, The Hunter

The Philly/Jersey area is a breeding ground for pop punk darlings. Over the years, these two neighboring cities have given rise to some of the hottest acts in the genre—The Wonder Years, Man Overboard, Major League, The Front Bottoms and Modern Baseball, to name just a few—and the scene shows no signs of slowing down.

Cut from the same cloth is My Brother, The Hunter, a band who clearly idolizes their hometown heroes. Their debut album, World Weary Youth, plays like a stripped-down greatest hits set from any one of the aforementioned groups. In fact, the group’s only cover song on the album (The Story So Far‘s “Clairvoyant”) blends so seamlessly into the mix that an unfamiliar listener might mistake the track for an original piece.

World Weary Youth is wonderfully sad, naive and personal. An acoustic mix of melancholy instrumentation backs lead vocalist Connor Gebhardt as he croons about being jaded by the thriving local scene (“Another pop punk show/I can’t relate to all these band’s lyrics that I don’t know”), confused by society’s facade (“All the picture-perfect people pass perfectly by/leaving the rest of tired and wondering why you bother with your masks/What have you got to hide?/Who are you trying to impress?”) and beaten down by painful heartache (“I used to love your writing/Now it’s the last thing I wanna see/Now it’s never about me”). My Brother, The Hunter is quite a mess, and that’s exactly what keeps things interesting.

Check out World Weary Youth below. If you like what you hear, make sure to visit My Brother, The Hunter on Bandcamp for a name-your-price download of the album.

EVENT: SOMA Benefit Show feat. Mute Cities

Do you like music? Do you like art? Do you like helping cool people do cool things?

Come to Black Cat House on Saturday, January 24 to enjoy a jam-packed night of local music and visual art. All proceeds go to SOMA, and, in turn, come back to you in the form of more cool shows in the future. RSVP here.

Ask a friend for address details.

From the event page:

SOMA (Students Organizing the Multiple Arts) is a university affiliated music and arts student organization. We do our best to promote local and traveling artists and musicians. Each spring we have a day-long music and arts festival called Penn State Arts Crawl. This show is intended to help raise money for Arts Crawl and SOMA’s other endeavors so that you, the Penn State and State College community, can have oodles of fun and be exposed to all kinds of ART STUFF.

Mute Cities

Casino Smoker


Smoke Ring

Rashmit Arora

Eric Ian Farmer (Music)

Support local music and art.
Be respectful.

EVENT: Brontide w/ Goon, Balloon Boy, Beat Rip and Wide Open

Come throwdown with the angry underground. Sludge metal sluggers Brontide will be joined by Goon, Balloon Boy, Beat Rip and Wide Open for a chaotic night of debauchery and brutality. Don’t miss out.

RSVP here. Talk to a friend for address details.

From the event page:

happy birthday to me.
happy birthday to Alice.



Balloon Boy

Beat Rip

Open Wide


respect the house.
don’t sing happy birthday,
but do bring me 40s.

EVENT: Mumblr w/ Brown Rainbow and Abi Reimold

Don’t miss a night of Philly’s finest! Philadelphia rock outfit Mumblr is coming back to State College. The band will be joined by fellow Philadelphians Brown Rainbow and Abi Reimold.

Check out the Facebook event here. Ask a fellow punk for address details.

From the event page:


Brown Rainbow

Abi Reimold


1. Don’t break the fucking water heater
2. No crust
3. Be kind