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Author - Joey Kadish

Thanksgiving Break: Philly Concert Round-Up

In anticipation of the mass exodus of students heading home for the upcoming turkey-centric holiday, we thought it was important that you as readers are aware of the music in your own backyards.  Kickin’ it off we’ve got the city of brotherly love:

November 16                        Yeasayer                                      The Union Transfer

November 17                        Ray LaMontagne                         Tower Theater

November 17                        Kreayshawn                                 Electric Factory

November 17                        All Time Low                               Theater of the Living Arts (TLA)

November 18                        A$AP Rocky                                 Electric Factory

November 19                        Bob Dylan                                    Wells Fargo Center

November 20                        Lights                                          TLA

November 21                        Paul Van Dyk                                SoundGarden Hall

November 23                        Sufjan Stevens                              Union Transfer

November 23                        Delta Spirit                                   TLA

November 24                        Of Monsters and Men                   Tower Theater

November 24                        Conspirator/EOTO                        TLA


Listen: Rihanna's new album clips

After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, Rihanna’s new album Unapologetic is finally being released in just under two weeks. The non-repentant Barbadian songstress clearly wanted to take her time to perfect what is sure to be a masterpiece, which explains her long absence from the music scene. Well kiddies, gather round and hold your middle fingers up, because album snippets have appeared online to tide you over until November 19. Here

The album features a whopping 14 tracks, while the deluxe edition includes only one new song and two remixes of her hit song, “Diamonds”.  Highlights are “Jump”, “Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary”, and unfortunately a duet with the reformed Chris Brown, “Nobody’s Business”. Yes Rihanna, when you have over 62 million likes, 26 million followers and have sold nearly 85 million records, it certainly isn’t.

Snippets of Christina Aguilera's latest 'opus' have leaked.

Clips from The Wanted’s favorite singer’s new album Lotus have leaked online.  If you didn’t realize, that’s her above in what appears to be the nude.  It’s nice to see a “natural” shot of her, sans-Photoshop.  Have a listen to the shoddy preview below before it’s taken down:

We’re sure you’re shitting bricks in anticipation. The album is released November 13 and features mainstream production “cred” from the likes of Max Martin, Alex da Kid and Shellback, to name a few.  Let’s hope this redeems Xtina from her last album, Bionic, which didn’t fair so well in the charts.  Here’s a track listing of the deluxe edition:

1. Lotus
2. Army Of Me
3. Red Hot Kinda Love
4. Make The World Move (feat. CeeLo Green)
5. Let’s Find Out
6. Your Body
7. Let There Be Love
8. Sing For Me
9. Blank Page
10. Cease Fire
11. Around The World
12. Circles
13. Best Of Me
14. Shut Up
15. Just A Fool (feat. Blake Shelton)
16. Empty Words
17. Light Up The Sky
18. Your Body (Martin Garrix Remix)

Lizzy Grant aka Lana Del Rey Has Yet Another Alter Ego

Genuine lady-crooner Lana Del Rey has become one of the most polarizing artists of late, her deep and sultry voice evoking either praise or disdain from listeners and critics alike.  She rose to fame after the video for her song “Video Games” went viral, garnering millions of views on YouTube in just a few days.  The hype that followed created a solid fan base, and subsequently shot her debut album Born To Die to the number 2 slot on the Billboard 200 chart.

Well, before this self-proclaimed “gangster Nancy Sinatra” created her current persona, she was simple Lizzy Grant from New York, New York.  You’d think that changing your name once would suffice, but as it turns out, before becoming the hipster icon she is today, miss Del Rey recorded an entire album under the pseudonym May Jailer.

The album, titled Sirens, showcases Lana in a completely new light, far from the seductive tunes we’ve come to love (or hate).  What we’ve got here is folky, guitar-centric tunes reminiscent of singer/songwriter Jewel.  While many of the tracks are similar in structure, the album actually features some solid material.  Have a listen (or don’t) to some ‘gems’ below:

The album features 15 tracks and while it’s not available for purchase, you can download it illegally if thats what you’re into (or not).

Six Amazing Songs from Commercials

No one really likes commercials, do they?  Unless they’re during the Super Bowl, ads are nothing but a pain in the ass that interrupts our mindless television viewing.  Thankfully, some ad execs got wise and included some pretty awesome music to mitigate the annoyance.  Here are some of the best, (you many want to avert your eyes after pressing play):

1) Santigold, Julian Casablancas, and N.E.R.D. – “My Drive Thru” + Converse

This isn’t a typical ad you’d see on TV, but more of a collaboration of product and song. These three make a kick-ass team and since the tune was produced by Pharrell Williams, you know the results wouldn’t disappoint. The visuals are actually pretty sweet, so don’t fret about having sneakers shoved in your face.

2) Starfucker – “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second” + Target

This age appropriately-named band has flown under the radar since their self-titled debut album in 2008 and this song showcases their sound excellently.  It’s cool, it’s catchy and it sees indie rock at its finest.

3) Goldfish – “Fort Knox” + Kia Soul

Everyone loves the funny commercial with the driving hamsters; that is until they got way too out of hand and starting dancing to “Party Rock Anthem”.  One thing that hasn’t gotten old, however, is this little number by Goldfish.  The pulsing beat makes this song danceable without resorting to generic references of raising your glasses or being ‘up’ in the club or a guest appearance by Lil’ Wayne.  The bad-assness you feel isn’t your imagination; this song makes anyone feel cool.

4) M83 – “Midnight City” + Victoria’s Secret

Yes this is a great song, by a great band, but let’s be serious: Vicky could have put vomit on audio and the commercial would still make you listen to it on repeat. Cheers, girls.

5) Vampire Weekend – “Holiday” + Tommy Hilfiger

Vampire Weekend have hit a truckload of success since their debut album, and this song, from their second ‘opus’ Contra, is one of their best.  Since it’s so delightfully indie, does it make it less cool that a mainstream designer used it in his ad?  Of course not.  We won’t even entertain that thought.

6) Peter, Bjorn & John – “Second Chance” + Bed Light Lime

Yes, the ad is for a cheap, overly-flavored beer, but that’s besides the point.  How PB&J have not gained more recognition is a mystery, especially considering this track.  It’s one of their best songs aside from their most popular, “Young Folks”, and features great usage of cowbell.  That alone is the makings of a hit, doesn’t it?

If you liked any of these song snippets, it is recommended that you download them and share them with your friends.

Dada Life's Sunday Show at Penn State Was Literally Bananas

In case you didn’t know, that’s B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Here’s a shoddy clip:

The potassium-centric show went off without a hitch Sunday night at Levels nightclub. By the looks of it, the Swedish house duo – composed of Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom – had just as much, if not more fun than the crowd did.

Upon arriving, the crowd was less than promising. The outcome looked grim, mostly because it was a Sunday and people had homework, exams, and all of that crap.  However, as Caveat drew to a close and Dada’s performance crept closer, a trickle of brightly colored rave-goers slowly came pouring through the door.  Soon enough, the entire place was packed like a tin of glowing sardines, a flashing mass of limbs bouncing up and down.

Positioned in front of a large LED screen with trippy graphics, Dada took State College by storm.  They pounded out their own original music, as well as popular remixes to songs like “Big Bad Wolf” by Duck Sauce and “Hollaback Girl” by Gwen Stefani, hence the obvious fruit reference. Inflatable bananas and champagne bottles were also in abundance (which is always fun, isn’t it).  Have a ‘look see’ at some more low quality goodies below:

The concert came to a close around 1:30 am with a shower of confetti filling the room.  All in all, they pretty much killed it. As my first experience at a house/electro concert, I can say with conviction that I would go again in a heartbeat. Even on a Sunday.  You just made yourself a new fan, Dada. Godspeed.