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Author - Joey Kadish

Rihanna Returns With New Single After Long Hiatus

It seemed like Rihanna had given up on the whole music thing, hadn’t it?  Well you heard it right–Rihanna is back, this time with a brand spanking new track called Diamonds. Have a listen to a high quality radio rip below, if you’re curious as to what the Barbadian songbird has come up with after such a long absence.

Splendid. The single premiered this morning and is available now for purchase on iTunes.  The artwork features ‘Ri Ri’ rolling a joint of what looks to be diamonds or crystal meth.  How fitting.

 An album is due for a November release, thank heavens.  Let’s all join join hands and say, “Welcome back Rihanna. We’ve missed you. Where Have You Been?”

Lana Del Rey unveils tire-centric new single artwork

Here is ‘Rey Rey’ in all her cowgirl glory on the cover for her new song Ride, the premiere single off of her up-coming album rerelease Born To Die: Paradise Edition.  If you’ve forgotten who Lana is, here is a small, but fairly important, reminder:

She looks a bit different now, doesn’t she?

The song is expected to be released tomorrow, though it will most likely leak before then given the current ‘state’ of the internet.  The album is released on November 12 and will include 8 new songs. Hoorah.


A preview of the  Paradise Edition has just been plopped onto Lana’s YouTube page.

1. Ride * 2. Pussy * 3. American * 4. Gods & Monsters * 5. Body Electric * 6. Blue Velvet * 7. Bel Air * 8. Yayo

A Pink & Lily Allen duet has 'surfaced'

A lyric video for a new Pink song True Love has appeared on the raspy-voiced singer’s VEVO.  The song features whimsical singer Lily Allen, who is now to be called Lily Rose Allen, which doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue, does it?  Listen to the song below if you’d like.


The track is enjoyable enough and Lily’s vocals are ethereal as usual, despite being a mere 20 seconds.  Pink has uploaded several more lyric videos in ‘anticipation’ of her new album The Truth About Love, released September 18.

Video: Ellie Goulding now has visuals to accompany her new track

Indie pop’s English darling, Ellie Goulding, has just unveiled a new video for her new single Anything Can Happen.  Set aside some time to take a gander below.

The clip shows the delicate songstress in various dreamlike sequences, among them shots of her laying on floating silver balls.  The ‘vid’ also features, get ready for it, Ellie sporting pink hair.  Well that’s different.  The song is great, and showcases what Ellie does best (and has on her previous album), but at times her voice sounds a bit shaky like she’s sitting on a giant ice cube.  Or many small ones, you choose.

The song is available for download now and is taken from her much-anticipated upcoming album Halcyon, out October 8th.

Rihanna plans "Cocky" new single release

Collaboration-shy Rihanna has plans to release a remix of Cockiness (I Love It) as the sixth single from Talk That Talk, the gift that keeps on giving.  Planned for release this Thursday after her performance at the VMA’s, the remix of the dancehall track will feature rapper and videographer A$AP Rocky.  Listen to the newly worked song below.

Her performance on Thursday will be a medley of Cockiness and her biggest hit We Found Love, where Calvin Harris will make an appearance as well.  Her previous single Where Have You Been was commercially successful, as usual, charting at number 5 in the U.S.  This new release is arguably just as good, but the heavy sexual references may hinder radio play.

The single will be made available most likely on Thursday night.  Let us know what you think of the new track!