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THON 2013 Raises $12,374,034.46

After a long and enduring weekend THON 2013 has come to an end.  This year THON raised a record breaking $12,374,034.46!!! The total from this year puts THON’s grand total above $100 million! This years event with awesome performances like 7 Hump Wump, Shake Shake Shake, Lowjack, Public Domain, Gates Tomorrow, My Hero Zero, Pistol Peg and the Beer Kegs, The Wondershop Showdown, Total Whiteout, and GoGoGadget couldn’t have had a more entertaining and enthusiastic affair.  Bon Jovi even announced that they would be donating tickets to their show at the Bryce Jordan Center to any Four Diamonds Family that wanted to go.  It’s amazing that THON has grown so much that we need a bigger venue to accommodate everyone who wants to experience it.  Bet the dancers in ’72 wouldn’t believe how big it’s gotten.  Congratulations to all the THON participants from moralers to OPP to R&R to overalls and especially the dancers.  These memories will last with all of us for the rest of our lives.  These kids will always remember what we do here.  “One day we will dance in celebration, until then we dance for a cure.” Coach O’Brien said it best: “This is the greatest university in the country, in the world!”


Movin' On Line Up Revealed at THON 2013

After a little more patience and a lot of dancing Movin’ On has finally released it’s complete line up for the 2013 festival.  The alternative act selected is Brand New with Hip Hop act Big Boi.  SPA’s sponsored artist is country star Gloriana all with special guests Kids These Days.  Movin’ On has already announced that MGMT will be headlining the festival on April 26th.  See you there!

Penn State Memes Launches


Today, the Penn State social media mogul known as Penn State Memes has taken to the world wide web by their own means.  Now when you type into your address bar, you’ll find a plethora of PSU memes.  For those procrastinators dedicated to memes of the Penn State variety, this site will organize all the memes created by Penn Staters and even allow you to make memes right on the site! Head over to and enjoy a good laugh.


We got the chance to grab a quick anonymous interview with the founder of Penn State Memes:

How did you come up with PSU Memes?

“I saw that Temple had a meme page while I was scrolling through my Facebook feed one night, went to search and see if Penn State had their own, and when I saw that they didn’t took the liberty of making one. And I was also procrastinating writing a paper.”

-What formula did you use to get so successful?

“Posting often and correct memes. The trolls get mad when the memes aren’t correct.”

-What’s your favorite PSU Meme you’ve come across?

“Personally I’m a fan of any of them memes that have to do with the Penn State Squirrels. Only in America do squirrels have problems with obesity.”

-What is your favorite type of meme? (Success Kid, Most Interesting Man, etc…)

“I’m fond of the ‘Watch Out, Got a Badass Over Here’ memes, because they’re particularly sarcastic in nature.”

-What can we expect from

“I think we can expect that will serve as an easier way to find specific memes that students are searching for.”


The Governors Ball NYC Music Festival Line Up Announced

Head over to for the countdown to the 2013 Governors Ball Music Festival.  Since 2011, Gov Ball has been booming with huge artists.  Those who have attended have seen the likes of Passion Pit, Pretty Lights, Empire of the Sun, Mac Miller, Kid Cudi, Girl Talk, Explosions in the Sky, Major Lazor and even Modest Mouse.  The diversity Gov Ball has in genres has really been the key to its success.  This year be ready for Kanye, and Kings of Leon to team up with one last unannounced headliner… Who could it be?



Movin' On Headliner Release 12/12/12 w/ Mike Wallz and DJ Cheez Grater

On 12/12/12 at 12pm in the HUB-Robeson Center, the Movin’ On committee will be ready to release the headliner of their 2013 festival. Their survey has been in circulation throughout the fall, and now they’re finally prepared to let us know who they’ve got!

For those of you who don’t know, Movin’ On uses the survey, along with their large budget and artist availability to construct a line-up for possibly the largest student run festival in the country.  With performances from Mike Wallz and DJ Cheez Grater, it’s shaping up to be a good time!

STREAMING: Blink 182 Streaming "Boxing Day" Off New EP

Blink 182 will be dropping a new EP December 18th called Dogs Eating Dogs.  The five track EP will be Christmas themed and the trio’s seventh studio production.  Being the first official EP AND their first holiday influenced album it will be interesting to see where the band goes next.  This is also the band’s first release that is independent from any record label release and new music since their last release.  We got a sneak peak today with “Boxing Day,” a mellower acoustic track featuring both Tom Delonge and Mark Hoppus vocals.