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Author - Kristen Costa

Timeflies Freestyle All About The Nittany Lions at Friday's Performance

Last Friday night brought us another wild and free concert sponsored by SPA. Timeflies brought the heat Friday night, and the energy was so high its shocking that it didn’t cause a power surge. Even though the line was insanely long and started to form around 3 o’clock that afternoon, everyone was able to get in and have a great time!

The crowd was bouncing off the wall with anticipation from the second the doors were opened, so when the lights dimmed and the music started jumping out of the speakers, everyone went insane. So as soon as Cal and Rez hit the stage, the ground started to shake. The pop duo kicked off the show with a tempo-pushing tune called “Lose My Mind” that set the tone for the rest of the night.

Cal, the vocalist, is a captivating performer. With his effortless ability to bounce around the stage without skipping a beat, along with his multitude of vocal talents, he brings the performance to a whole other level. Both Cal and Rez compliment each other’s work in a unique and innovative way.

Hands down, the highlight of the night’s performance was the Penn State freestyle segment that Cal performed. Timeflies has a bit of a tradition every college campus performance; they ask for a list of the college’s traditions, landmarks, and fun facts to form a personalized freestyle rap over a popular song’s chorus. Since the list that Timeflies received from SPA was so long, they split it in to two songs. Some of the topics covered were The Creamery, Indigo, White Out games, and, of course, JoePa. In addition to the double freestyle, the added bonus of the show was when Cal announced that they would be filming the crowd for this week’s “Timeflies Tuesday”, which can be found on their Youtube channel later today!

Cover Me: Timeflies



Cover Me is the newest addition to State in The Real’s weekly posts. Every week, we will be scouring the internet in search of the best covers we can find to help you kick off your weekend!

In honor of their show here tonight, Timeflies will be kicking off Cover Me. With their weekly Youtube video series, “Timeflies Tuesdays”, they’ve created quite the repertoire of covers for us to choose from. They have a gift of being able to make covers uniquely theirs, even songs that everyone and their roommate have covered. This one is a medley of a few of Taylor Swift’s most popular songs. It’s hands down the best version of all these songs I’ve ever heard, every song song sounds totally different from the original in the very best way.

There are plenty more amazing covers where that came from! Check out their Timeflies Tuesdays posts on their Youtube Channel. Make sure to check them out for free tonight at the HUB in Alumni Hall at 10pm.

Do you have a great cover you’ve been dying to share? Send it to us through our Twitter or Facebook, and it could be featured here next week!

SPA Announces Timeflies to Perform This Friday!

SPA announced another great concert for Penn State students this morning. Timeflies will be performing in Alumni Hall this Friday night! This show, just like A Great Big World and Delta Rae performing here a few weeks ago, is free with a valid Penn State id.

Timeflies started in October of 2010, and are known for their weekly video posts to their Youtube channel known as “Timeflies Tuesday”, where the duo, Cal and Rez, perform unique covers and, of course, their party anthem originals.

SPA is killing it this year with their concert series so far, so make sure you come out to Alumni Hall Friday night, get there early, and don’t forget your Penn State id!

A Great Big World and Delta Rae Rock Founder's Day 2014


For Founder’s Day this past Tuesday, SPA and Lion Ambassadors were able to score two solid artists for Penn State students, A Great Big World and Delta Rae. Not bad, and did I mention this concert was free? Yup, all students with their student id on them got to see these two up and coming artists with no charge to their lion cash. The show kicked off with Delta Rae, a folk rock band from North Carolina. With six insanely talented musicians, they were jumping all over the place, changing instruments almost every song. The diversity of their percussion section was the most impressive, the last time I saw that many percussion instruments was high school concert band. On top of all this, their songs were powerful and such high energy, it was like I was attending a sold out show at Madison Square Garden, not the HUB auditorium. Towards the end of their set, Delta Rae did a cover of “Because The Night” by Bruce Springsteen, where they sang the bridge in chilling a cappella harmonies that put a silence over the entire room.

After that high energy performance, A Great Big World were up next. They opened up their set up a song called “Rockstar”, which sounds like if Hellogoodbye wrote a show tune. That song set the tone for the rest of the set, a quirky, fun set with a few well-timed poignant moments. When it came time for the band to play “Say Something”, the rest of the band left the stage and it was just Ian and his keyboard. It was a powerful moment for the otherwise fun and laid back set that A Great Big World had performed, and the dull murmur of the crowd quietly singing along brought the whole room to the place of strong emotion that the song was written from.

Chad also had a solo moment, performing “I Don’t Want To Love Somebody Else” with just him and an acoustic guitar. Yet another crowd favorite of the night, but not as much of a pleasant surprise as the whole band’s rendition of their song “Shorty Don’t Wait”. With a easygoing beat and layered harmonies, the song was nothing short of endearing and fun. The band made the audience feel as if they were all just hanging out together, instead of their concert.

This year’s Founder’s Day concert was one for the books. Both bands had energy and powerful, unforgettable performances that made the concert a great experience for everyone that came out. Founder’s Day concerts have had a magic touch to them. Over the past few years we have had bands that come play here for Founder’s Day, then explode on the music scene. A Great Big World is already well on their way there, but maybe you’ll see Delta Rae popping up all of a sudden!

Jaime Pritzker: Kickin' Butt All 46!

Earlier this week, we got to sit down with Jaime and chat with her about her expectations, excitement, and anticipation for THON. Well now that THON is in full swing, we were able to find Jaime through the sea of capes and tutu’s to see how she’s been so far and if it is all she hoped it would be!

How are you doing so far?

Good. My feet hurt, but whose doesn’t? I don’t really have a voice right, either, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now. All this stuff is mental, so if I can push through the pain, I’ll be fine.

What has been your favorite part so far about THON 2014?

Me and 12 other dancers from my sorority and paired fraternity just walked all through the halls hanging on to one long rope like you did when you were in kindergarten. Everyone was staring at us, but it was so much fun, and that’s all that really mattered. That’s what this weekend is all about, and I’m loving every moment of it.

What’s something you’re looking forward to?

I’m trying no to look forward to anything, because every moment is one closer to the end. So I’m enjoying every single second as it comes, and I’ll enjoy every second until the very end.

What’s been your favorite song to dance to so far? 

“Can’t Remember to Forget You” by Shakira and Rihanna.

Jaime’s doing great so far, and we will be catching up with her after THON to talk about her full experience as a THON dancer. Keep up the good work everyone! You’re doing great, especially you, Jaime!

Lenina Crowne Sets Standards High For Thon Performance

THON’s first band to perform this weekend was none other than Lenina Crowne, the indie rock legends of State College. They played a great mix of popular covers and high energy originals.

Their cover of “Jumper” by Third Eye Blind had the entire BJC screaming every word, as well as with their final song, “Hey Jude”. The band consists of 7 members, including guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, saxophone player, cello player, and a lead singer that jumps from guitar to harmonica during their version of “Piano Man” by Billy Joel.

Their covers are the perfect just what the crowd needs and wants, but their originals, such as “Mood”, are the perfect combination of crazy and cool, so regardless of knowing the words or not, the crowd still goes wild!

Lenina Crowne’s unique sound and high energy were perfect for the start of THON 2014, and after a performance like that, the bands for the rest of the weekend have quite the task ahead of them.