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Author - Monica Consbruck



Today’s feature artist is The Avett Brothers:

“The Avett Brothers  have been called a traveling celebration. As much as this is a great compliment, it is also an apt visual of their live performances. In a broad sense, they look exactly like that, a celebration. There are composed of only three, but they always play 5 or 6 instruments simultaneously, existing on the stage in a kind of rhythmic whirlwind.  There is a ragged wildness about their shows that musically charges the foundations of more lively, erratic, and boot-stomping music.  The second dimension of the celebration is the aspect of celebrating life itself, with the intention of encompassing its less than lively aspects; the parts like sadness, and heartache, weakness, and regret. These things find their way into the live shows as authentically as the feverishly strummed, up-tempo anthems; both have the ability to plow through a crowd in three minutes and stick to their ribs long after they’ve shuffled out of the venue.

The raw intensity will remain a constant trademark as Bob Crawford says, ‘What can be said, without reserve, is that we put everything we have into our shows, and this is what we will continue to do.'” (From Bonnaroo website’s description of band)
Their music is just so wholesome and beautiful and real. I absolutely can’t wait to see them live.



Scott – banjo, lead vocals and stomp drum

Seth – guitar, lead vocals, stomp cymbal and piano

Bob – stand-up bass and backing vocals

Genre: Folk rock, indie rock

Latest Album: I and Love and You

Hometown: Concord, NC



ok I know I’m a little behind but what with travel and being sick its been a rough few days. So, without further ado, today’s feature artist is Foster the People:




Mark Foster – vocals, keyboards, piano, synthesizers, guitar, programming, percussion

Cubbie Fink – bass and backing vocals

Mark Pontius – drums, extra percussion

Genre: Indie pop, alternative rock

Latest Album: Torches

Hometown: Los Angeles, CALatest Album:



Today’s feature artist is Mac Miller:

“In a blossoming hip-hop hotbed of talent, Malcolm “Mac Miller” McCormick is next up out of Pittsburgh, PA. A recent graduate of Taylor Allderdice High School, Mac caught the eyes and ears of Rostrum Records, inking a deal in July 2010. A multitalented musician who can play numerous instruments and a young novice of the freestyle/cipher/battle circuit of his hometown, Mac has been paving his way to superstardom in his blue-collar hometown for years.” (from Bonnaroo website’s description of Miller)

I saw him when he came to Penn State and he put on a great show. It’ll be really cool to jam out with him again at Bonnaroo!



Members: Malcom McCormick

Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap

Latest Album: Blue Slide Park

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa



AHH! 20 DAYS!! IS THIS REAL LIFE? I can’t believe it’s so close! To celebrate, today’s feature artist is Santigold:

“Santigold is, on one level, Brooklyn-based singer Santi White. But in the big picture, Santigold is White and her producer/songwriter partner-in-crime John Hill, aka “Johnny Rodeo” — plus all of the talented other producers, DJs, musicians and “underground fly kids” who lent their skills, beats and inspirational vibes toward the creation of Santigold’s debut CD, last year’s Santogold (Lizard King). Prior to dreaming up Santigold, White and Hill played ska-punk in the band Stiffed, and you can still hear that energy all over Santogold — along with lots of hip-hop, techno, grime and indie-rock elements. All together, it’s sound that’s guaranteed to hook you by the ear and make you move.” (from Bonnaroo description of the artist)

I can remember jamming out to Santigold (then spelled Santogold) in my car on the way to and from high school thinking, “This would be such a good show to go to…” AND NOW I GET TO SEE HER!



Members: Santi White

Genre: New Wave, dub, electronica, hip-hop, reggae fusion, pop

Latest Album: Master of My Make-Believe

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY



Woops forgot to do a post yesterday and I KNOW you’re all so eager to find out today’s featured artist so here it is: The Temper Trap:

“The Temper Trap, lead by frontman Dougy, have been writing and touring Australia, catching the ears of many, including world renowned producer Jim Abiss who made the journey to melbourne to assist the Temper Trap in delivering their debut record. With a series of epic new tracks set for release on their much anticipated debut album, the band has conquered adventurous new territory, building on their rich foundations in a natural progression. Legendary Artic Monkey’s and Kasabian Producer Jim Abiss flew over to Melbourne to be at the helm. The Results of this brilliant new evolution in sound will persuasively draw you in. The Temper Trap have undeniably delivered.” (from Bonnaroo website’s description of the band)

I’ve loved these guys for a while, so I’m super pumped to get to see them!




Dougy Mandagi – vocals

Jonathon Aherne – bass guitar

Toby Dundas – drums

Lorenzo Sillitto – lead guitar

Joseph Greer – keyboards and guitar

Genre: Indie rock, post-punk revival

Latest Album: Conditions  (New album, The Temper Trap, to be released in June)

Hometown: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



Hey guys!! Today’s feature artist is Alice Cooper:

“Every great production deserves a sequel – even if comes 35-plus years after the original. In 1975, Alice Cooper joined forces with longtime collaborator and producer Bob Ezrin to record his first solo album Welcome to My Nightmare, a theatrical concept album about the nightmares of a young boy named Steven. Now, he’s followed Steven into adulthood and presents Welcome 2 My Nightmare, a new but familiar concept album about the fear, anxiety and disgust that haunt Alice Cooper’s dreams in an era of Facebook, Lady Gaga, Sketchers and Angry Birds.” (from Bonnaroo’s description of Cooper)




Alice Cooper – vocals, guitar, harmonica (1963–present)

Chuck Garric – bass guitar, vocals (2002–present)

Ryan Roxie – guitar, vocals (1996–2006, 2012-presemt)

Tommy Henriksen – guitar, vocals (2011–present)

Orianthi – guitar, vocals (2011–present)

Glen Sobel – drums, percussion (2011–present)

Genre: Rock, hard rock, heavy metal, shock rock

Latest Album: Welcome 2 My Nightmare

Hometown: Detroit, MI