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Discover and Enjoy "Allen Stone"




Recently discovered the artist known as Allen Stone, and boy does this guy bring on the soul. Influenced by some of the greatest soul and R&B singers of all time like Marvin Gay, Stevie Wonder and Al Green, Allen Stone brings a sound all too familiar. Can’t help but admire and appreciate the enormous amount of power in his voice and talented lyrical choices. Each songs speaks of love, a hint of political opinion, being yourself, and good ol’ having a great time, which is what his music is ever so obviously all about. Raised with a minister as a father, he learned to sing gospel music in church at a very young age. Only at a mere age fourteen did he pick up a guitar and take his passion for soul music to begin creating his own work. He has self-released two records, “Last To Speak” in 2010 and the self-titled second release “Allen Stone” in 2011. Since then, he has been touring the country gaining a large amount of popularity. He even made an appearance on Conan, playing his most popular song “Unaware”, with over one million hits on YouTube. Your own grandma’s grandma would turn over in her grave if you could listen and manage to not groove to Mr.Stone’s funky orchestral band. Like most soul, its best listened to alive and in person, but his live video performances give you a pretty spot on idea of the vibe his shows generate. Get your fix.


For those who can’t get enough, here is a full performance on KPNG in Seattle, Washington

Pure Cane Sugar In The Attic at Penn State

Join Pure Cane Sugar for a special evening of intimate music In The Attic at The State Theatre.

Friday, November 16, 2012 | 8p  SOLD OUT

Second Show Added on Friday, November 16, 2012 | 10:15p  

Please see information below regarding ticket exchange for second show


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Pure Cane Sugar’s sultry voices, soulful harmonies, and powerful lyrics evoke exquisite vocals.  When all three songstresses — Kate Twoey, Molly Countermine, and Natalie Berrena — combine as Pure Cane Sugar, the result is “an assemblage of masterful melodies and haunting harmonies that inspire sweet dreams.”

If you have purchased tickets for the 8p show, you may exchange your tickets for the later time.  Tickets may only be exchanged in person at The State Theatre box office prior to the day of show, based upon availability. 

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Songs On Commercials

I don’t always watch an abundance of TV, but when I do, I always see commercials with really cool songs in them. Recently, I’ve found two awesome artists from two commercials advertising Southern Comfort and Heineken. I’m not sure what it is, but whoever markets for alcohol knows what people want to hear. In the end, I guess something good can come out of those annoying commercials.

The first one is with a rather large man in a speedo walking down the beach. He suddenly walks out of frame and comes back with a glass of SoCo. Now that I’ve seen it a few times it’s actually making me want to go out and get a bottle. I guess that is the intended result, but I think the real reason is because there is an amazing song playing in the background. The tune is by an artist named Odetta and it is called “Hit or Miss”. Although she has passed away, her musical repertoire consisted mostly of folk music, blues, jazz, and spiritual. She even influenced artists like Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, and Janis Joplin, some of the pioneers of music, to write and create their unique sounds. This chick is a goddess.




The second one I found is from a Heineken commercial. Three men walk into what would seems to be a very sketchy bar. They soon order a draft Heineken and the bar begins to change, becoming this modern hip scene. The band that flips out from one of the walls is named Clairy Brown and the Bangin’ Rackettes. They are playing a song off their album called “Love Letter”. After further research, its evident that they are truly influenced by the past, not only in their sound but in their overall look as well.  The band runs through a series of genres from early rhythm n’ blues, soul, jump blues, do-wop, and ska, while at the same time telling a story which is all about the here and now. I can really appreciate that oldies sound in a modern band and especially enjoy the back up singers.




Be a part of the musical movement! There are a number of different positions that fit a wide range of interests, so odds are you’ll find at least one or two positions that you’re interested in. There’s no reason you shouldn’t try to become involved in setting up and running one of Penn State’s greatest music festivals!

Apply at to be apart of Penn State’s spring music festival!

Applications are due by SEPTEMBER 21st, 2012 at 11pm.  Please e-mail all applications as an email attachment to

Discover and Enjoy "White Denim"

Presently, my absolute favorite musical group is White Denim, a four man band from Austin, Texas. It’s hard to pinpoint their exact sound, even after seeing their live performances a number of times. They seem to draw from a number of genres, most distinctively blues, punk rock, and psychedelic rock, followed by progressive rock, soul, jazz, experimental rock, and dub. They aren’t afraid to improvise and jam, but all the while are extremely tight and practiced in their live performances. The band is completely focused on their live work as a whole, without the slightest interruption. They don’t say a single word, let alone leave more than a 10 second gab between songs to tune up, and they still usually manage to play a 2 hour show. They are a prime example of one of those bands that you immediately get hooked on after seeing them in person.

Personally, this video off of their newest album, D, is one of the most, well… interesting I’ve seen from an artist in a similar genre in some time. It totally makes you feel as if you were watching an old home video on VHS from your parents prom. This is but a taste of their skill as musicians, particularly their knack for making catchy tunes. I’d advise checking out the entire album.