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Avicii at Penn State = AMAZING!

Photo Cred: @kriisWALTON

If I could describe the Avicii show at the BJC in one word, it would have to be AMAZING. Yes, caps and all, he was everything Penn State needed, wanted, and expected. His beats were melodic, and he played many of our favorites. You may not have heard of the one song that he played(because you live under a rock), I think it’s called “Levels”, but all joking aside, the BJC was straight ROCKING and the place was more hyped than ever. You may ask, “How could it have been that amazing?”, well lets just say “Zombie Nation” into a “We Are Penn State” might have been the icing on the cake (videos below).  Needless to say, PSU needs more electro shows like this, maybe we can get DJ Chuckie to show up!

The song that is taking over the world “Levels”