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Bastille Covers "No Scrubs" & "We Can't Stop"

British band Bastille has become one of my latest musical obsessions. I had first heard of them when their song “Pompeii” became a radio single. Since then I have been keeping up with all of their music releases.  Just a month ago they released a new video for their song “Things We Lost In The Fire,” off of their Bad Blood album. I completely recommend checking it out! And a more recent discovery was coming across one of the most brilliant covers I have heard in a while. Bastille has done a refreshing new cover of the oh so well known song “No Scrubs,” originally by American girl group TLC. Bastille has this special talent of making literally any song sound amazing. Just uploaded yesterday, was their cover of Miley Cyrus’s song “We Can’t Stop,” and I must say it is quite nice to see a different take on that song. Check out some of there music below!

Bastille – “No Scrubs”

Bastille – “We Can’t Stop”

Bastille – “Things We Lost In The Fire”

Bastille – “Pompeii”