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Big Time Rush's New Album, And Why You Should Give It A Listen

In a time where boy bands have taken over again (think One Direction, The Wanted, Jonas Brothers), Big Time Rush are doing their best to hold their own. Not only do they deal with the increase in musical competition, the four 20-somethings also face the challenge of belonging to a network deemed for kids while proving that they are mature and can appeal to those over the age of 16 (think Miley, Selena, Demi).

Insert album number three. Released last Tuesday, this album, titled 24/seven, goes to prove this point while setting up for their summer tour.

After jamming out to this album in my car for the past four days, I’m here to give the reasons as to why I think everyone should give this album a listen. Whether you love boy bands, hate them, or are scared to admit your deep hidden feelings.

  1. It’s pretty great for summer. It is catchy and fun, and even though some are not fond of its lack of a ballad, I find it just adds more to keeping things light and generally upbeat.
  2.  “Crazy For U”. It has a simple sound and ukuleles. It gives me that laid back and easygoing vibe and makes me want to chill at the beach, kind of like Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”.  Like I said, summer.
  3. There is a track called “Song For You”, and it features Karmin on it. We all love (or at least like) Karmin right? Go listen.
  4. With the exception of two songs, each song on the album was written/co-written by at least one member of the band; heart and effort went into it.
    Also, I like Relient, and so I like Matt Thiessan. I think he’s a great songwriter. If you think so too, you should know that he co-wrote at least one song on the album.
  5. In between the songs about girls—they are a boy band after all—there’s an enjoy life/youth theme.  Not solely in a “we’re going to die soon, so have fun” way, but a “just be yourself and have fun” way. The album begins with this message in the titular song “24/seven” stating “All day everyday is a holiday, live your life 24/7”, and ends with it in the song “We Are” chanting in the chorus, “We are alive…We are the reckless…We are young and dumb, always chasing something”.

Overall, I think it’s great and pushes beyond the expectations and preconceived notions of the Nickelodeon-bred band.
Take a listen: