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DETAILS FOR Black Coffee to play Cafe 210 West
Start: February 11, 2012
Venue: Cafe 210 West
Address: State College, 16801

Black Coffee to play Cafe 210 West

 no cream or sugar band

Lead by vocalist Caitlin Cuneo, Black Coffee is a rhythm and blues band from Pennsylvania whose style unearths a reminiscent vibe reviving the sound and passion of traditional blues, funk, & soul music. The band creates an energized show, spanning from slow blues/jazz numbers to all-out funk grooves. The rhythm section supports Miss Cuneo with their subtle hooks, pulsating rhythms and tasteful solos – and the band’s passion for performing live is evident from their dynamic performances. Wrote one critic, “This band is definitely to be reckoned with in the blues jazz world.”

In 2011, the band played over 80 shows all over the Northeast, spanning clubs to the regional festival scene. In 2012, the band plans to create their first album while traveling the country.