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Call Me Maybe V.S. Levels: 2.0 – Mashup by ATOMISK

Senior week is in full swing, and you’re looking for that perfect track to pre-game your bar-tour to, or maybe to lift your spirits while you’re writing that final paper that you put off so long that you had to ask for an extension, or maybe you just need that perfect song that epitomizes the culmination of your senior year as you sit back and reminisce/play dizzy-bat.

Well, I wish it didn’t have to involve Carly Rae Jepsen, but this is probably that perfect track you are looking for. You probably heard the earlier version from our friend (DJ) Atomisk earlier this year when we had an online DJ battle between him and DJ Monarch. Now, after some more mixing, mashing, cutting, splicing, hitching, entwining, interlacing, or whatever the hell it is these DJ’s do to induce ear-gasms, we bring you the finalized version: Call Me Maybe V.S. Levels, 2.0