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Skill Over Swag: A Talk with Ground Up Sounds (Outsource Interview)

Ground Up. From left to right: Malakai, Azar, Bij Lincs. 

By: Derrick Stack

Self-made, original, Philly.

These may be a few of the first words I’d use to describe Ground Up. However, Ground Up is equally defined by what they’re not as much as what they are. What they are not is flashy, phony or filler. What you see is what you get and Ground Up fans would have it no other way.

Ground Up is made up of MC’s Azar and Malakai (who met at Temple freshman orientation ’08) and producer Bij Lincs (long time friend of Azar). Since their fateful 2008 introductions, they’ve produced an impressive amount of quality music. In fact, if you checked their catalog of mix-tapes (which you should) without dates attached; you would have thought they have been at it for the better part of a decade. Simply put, these guys live and breathe music and it’s reflected in their product. These guys aren’t just recording studio heroes either. I checked out one of their shows in State College in the fall of 2010, and these guys threw down, tons of energy.

Last week Ground Up released their 10th (yes, 10th) mix-tape titled “The Get Up.” As of this writing “The Get Up” has nearly 11,000 downloads in less than eight days (click the link below for your FREE download of “The Get Up” from Dat Piff). The mix-tape, as usual, is impressive. It features a strong cast of guest spots including Reef The Lost Cauze, Jade Alston, Freeway, Mazon, Mic Stew, J Nick, Vanessa Winters, and Young Chris. Some can’t miss tracks: “Heard About It”, “Live A Lot”, and the following video, “Overboard”.

Ground Up took some time out of their busy schedule to have a quick chat, but before you read the interview, be sure to grab your best headphones, crank the volume and check out this track featuring Young Chris.


SitR: So you guys came together thanks to the ‘08 incoming freshman class orientation at Temple. Less than 4 years later you’re turning heads in the hip-hop industry; what were your expectations for yourselves in the fall of 2008?

GU: We still haven’t met our expectations in the slightest bit. We’re proud of the progression we’ve made and the movement we’ve built, but there’s so much work still to do. We’re not even close to satisfied.

SitR: There’s no doubting the work ethic and dedication to the craft (10 mix-tapes in under 4 years), what drives the group to keep working as hard as you are?

GU: Our friends, fans and family are our biggest motivators to continue. We all love making music and we’ll probably never stop but the people we surround ourselves with as well as our fans are the people who continue to remind us exactly how much is at stake.

SitR: A reoccurring theme for Ground Up is your sense of family. You keep a tight group of friends around at all times; how does this help the effort to keep the music coming?

GU: Our friends are honest and i believe have extremely good taste in music. They are our biggest fans and critics. I think our song making becomes a personal experience for our friends as well as us; one that we can watch grow from an idea to being performed in front of hundreds of people. It’s an amazing process to be a part of.

SitR: It seems you guys take a lot of pride in taking the DIY approach to music; could you walk us through your writing process from composing a beat to the final product on the release?

GU: Our beats are almost ALL made by our in-house producer, Bij Lincs. Usually Bij will compose the beat and then Malcolm and I will decide on a concept or an idea to run with. Once the lyrics are written, the song is recorded and we proceed by judging whether or not it belongs on a project.

SitR: If we checked out your iTunes recently played, what might we find on that list?

GU: We’re all big music fans with eccentric tastes. Elton John to Jay-Z. Coldplay to Tribe called Quest. We’re all over the place.

BIJ: cee-lo … die antwoord … mills brothers … Joan Armatrading

SitR: In the past you were completely responsible for booking your own shows. You must have ended up in some pretty unusual situations. What are some of your craziest stories from the road?

GU: We have tons of strange things happen to us on a nightly basis when we’re on the road. One that sticks out in my mind was at Cornell University. It involved a big frat house, whiskey shots, strippers, and an ice-luge. That’s really all I can say about the situation.

SitR: What are the best and worst parts of being an up-and-coming artist at the cusp of stardom?

GU: Working as hard as we do, it’s never easy for us when we feel overlooked. I speak for everyone when i say we take our music as well as the business that comes hand in hand with it extremely seriously. When people sleep on us, we all take it personally.

SitR: Last week you released your newest mix-tape, “The Get Up.” What can you tell us about the project?

GU: We worked with a lot of new people on this project hoping to give it a depth that we had not reached yet. We accomplished that and then some with “The Get Up” by reaching out to some of our favorite artists in and around Philadelphia to lend us their talents and help us create a versatile, well-rounded project.

SitR: Looking past the release of “The Get Up”, what can we expect from Ground Up in 2012?

GU: If you haven’t noticed how we work by now, you will in 2012. We won’t stop releasing our style of music to the people that enjoy it, no matter what.

SitR: Many of our readers are musicians attempting to make music more than just a hobby, what advice would you pass along to those balancing music and life?

GU: If music is your dream, nothing should stand in its way. Sacrifice everything you can to keep that dream alive. If you believe in it that much, you’ll be fine when all is said and done.

SitR: Last but not least, we gotta know, when will you be back in Penn State?

GU: Sooner than later, hopefully this spring.  It’s always a good day in Happy Valley.


Well there you have it. Check out the links below to get more Ground Up, show them some love, and encourage them to make a return trip to the happiest valley of all.

“Like” and follow them on Facebook:

Free download of “The Get Up”:

Ground Up Website:


Outsource interview with singer songwriter Noah Guthrie

 Noah Guthrie

SITR: Can you tell us a little about yourself, where your from, and how you got into music?

My name is Noah Guthrie, I’m 18 years old and I’m from Greer, SC. I’ve been immersed in music since I was little. My dad has always been a singer and musician and I’ve pretty much grown up in a studio. I started writing and playing at 13 years old.

SITR: How has social media including YouTube helped your success versus performing in a traditional setting with a live audience?

Social media like Youtube and Facebook have been fantastic tools for getting my sound out all over the world. Youtube enabled me to be noticed by the Ellen Degeneres Show (Link here) and then to sign a management contract with Selena Gomez and her parent’s, Brian and Mandy’s, management company, LH7 Management. Without the exposure from my Youtube videos, I wouldn’t be nearly as far along in my career.

noah guthrie selena gomez

SITR: What is to come for you in the very near future? Also have you had any great successes we should know about?

Well, I’m finishing up my first original album project right now and I’m really excited about it! I also just had the opportunity to play at the KIIS-FM Grammy Awards Pre-Party in Los Angeles. That was VERY cool!

SITR: Where do you see your self in 4 years from this point? Will you be looking to attend college, focus on your music, or even both?

I’d love to be touring and playing my music. I also would love to study music and continue my education.

SITR: What are some other artists you have worked with or opened for?

I’ve had some great opportunities lately! I opened for Selena Gomez in Charlotte, NC and then, I had the honor of opening for she and Big Time Rush at Selena’s Benefit For UNICEF at the House of Blues in LA. I’ve done a couple of duet Youtube videos with the amazing Christina Grimmie. I opened for Tyler Hilton and Eilen Jewell, and soon Vanessa Carlton! Recently, while in Los Angeles, I got to write with some great songwriters like Jonathan Korszyk, Javier Dunn (Guitarist for Sara Bareilles), and Katelyn Clampett (one of Selena’s backup singers who is also an amazing artist herself).



SITR: What was it like performing at Penn State University and opening for Vanessa Carlton on 3/16/2012 (to be answered after show – Event Link)?

I had such an incredible time opening for Vanessa Carlton! PSU is such a beautiful place and everyone was so helpful and friendly. I definitely hope to play there again soon!

SITR: Do you have any suggestions for young musicians trying to get heard or wanting to perform?

My suggestion is just to play in front of people as much as you can. No venue or audience is too small. I play a lot of small coffeehouses and open mics because you just never know who is listening. I was playing a showcase at a small club in Nashville, TN and after I finished, a girl came up and complimented me on my set. It was dark and I wasn’t expecting it to be someone famous but then I realized it was Sara Bareilles! She was so nice! That’s how I met her guitarist, Javier Dunn, and made the connection that led to our writing together in LA.

SITR: What/who have been some of your biggest inspirations and supporters throughout your music career?

Well, I have a lot of influences including U2, The Civil Wars, Marc Broussard, and Dave Matthews. My greatest support group is my family and friends and of course all of my awesome fans!

SITR: Have you written any of your own music, or do you simply enjoy doing covers? What is your favorite song to cover? (please name a few if you would like)

Yes, actually the main thing I do is write my own music but on the Youtube page, I only post covers. I’m not really sure what my favorite cover song is but I really enjoyed covering “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse.

SITR: Any big shows coming up after this Penn State show with Vanessa Carlton happening on 3/16/2012?

We’re working on traveling this Summer as the opener on a couple of tours but things aren’t finalized yet. I’ll be releasing a single soon so there will be lots of shows in support of that.

SITR: Do you have any other shout-outs and/or mentions you would like to make…we would love to hear them?!

I just want to say thank you so much to PSU for having me. It’s gonna be my first time in PA so I’m very excited to play for y’all! I think its gonna be a great show!

Outsource Interview with Sandlot Heroes

Sandlot Heroes have been making music in my home of the Lehigh Valley since right around the time that I first started play guitar, and I’ve always been a big fan. Realistically, you could probably find me rooting for any local band that sounds half decent and puts on a good show, but over the last couple of years, these guys have really upped their game. Sandlot Heroes (briefly known as the Trace before switching back to the original name) is officially making their transition from one of those bands that you really wish could make it out of your hometown and onto the rest of the world, to a band that is actually doing it. In the midst of touring all over the place, and opening from huge acts from Saosin to Jason Derulo, the band has released a slew of awesome tunes and videos that scream out for mainstream pop-punk recognition, but still have the musical quality and integrity of a group that is writing music they’d want to listen to.

The guys are busy as hell right now, but we managed to get an interview out of them during their downtime. Cheggitout, and make sure you watch their newest video!

SITR: Give us some background on The Trace.. When/why did you get this band together. How did you all meet?

Jake had met Dan from going to shows around the Lehigh Valley area. Ans met those two from taking over as drummer when his brother (previous drummer) had to settle down. Chris responded to our add online as we were looking for a guitarist.

SITR: How did you come up with the band name? What happened to Sandlot Heroes?

We actually are named Sandlot Heroes again, we had to go back for a couple reasons, however we feel better being back.

SITR: How did you decide what direction to take your music in? How would you describe your sound?

I think we all like the style of lifestyle bands like Coldplay and The Fray, but still enjoy that pop radio influence here and there. Id say were a solid pop/rock…though I prefer the rock first!

SITR: What do you want your listeners to take away from your music?

What would make us happy is the fans and listeners can listen, ruminate on the lyrics, and take something out of it that pertains to their own life. Not so much as listening to our story, but being included in it with emotions about their life as well.

SITR: Tell us a little bit about your song writing process.

Well we all have different methods. I know Jake stays up until 4 am at his piano going over and over a melody and chord progression. Dan will record certain instruments with a progression and then experiment singing different melodies over it until finding the right one. Then all four of us come together and edit out parts we dislike until we all agree on something. That’s when the song really comes together and we then demo it out.

SITR: As a whole, who would you say are your bands biggest inspirations?

Collectively I’d say Coldplay, The Script, The Fray, Snow Patrol, just to name a few.

SITR: You guys have been at it for a while now, what would you say has been the best part of the experience?

The best part about everything so far is touring. It’s great being on the road in a new city every night because you get to meet so many excited fans that way.

SITR: Favorite show?

So far our favorite show was probably Mayfair 2010 with Jason Derulo. There was a ton of energy crowded into that large tent that night.

SITR: Do you have any big things in store for 2012?

As of now we are touring a lot in the Spring…April with Hawthorne Heights and May with Bowling For Soup. After that we hit the studio and record for the next couple weeks for a new release. We have a PledgeMusic campaign going right now where the fans can preorder it or get a bunch of other gifts when they pledge.

SITR: What is it like being in a band made up of individual songwriters? Does it ever get creatively frustrating?

Occasionally there is some creative differences but we eventually figure out what is best for the song and keep pushing forward!

SITR: What do you think of the Atown music scene?

If you look at the Lehigh Valley as a whole, the scene isn’t as bad as it was a few years back. Now we are bringing in new attention with the larger venues at the Steel Stacks and the even bigger room that just opened at the Sands Casino. Its definitely growing. There are a lot of music hungry fans here.

SITR: Any advice for other musicians?

Focus on the song writing, it will be your most valuable asset.

Go hear more of their music and see their tour dates HERE

Weekly Outsource with Mowgli


            Interview with Mowgli

State in The Real recently caught up with Mowgli (Kyle Palaskey) who has been making his way into the music scene in the West Chester area here is Pennsylvania

SITR: Can you give us some information about yourself, and what you want people to know about you?

Mowgli: Basically as far as what I want people to know about me it goes like this. I’m a hard working individual from a middle class family trying to spread a word across mankind person by person, step by step. I’m a 22-year-old male with a strong passion for musical creation as well as anthropology. I love people and believe in the good in every soul occupying this planet. In lasting memory I just hope at the end of it all people will say that stuck to my plan, believed in something, helped others in the process, and a had a ball simply living life day in a day out.

SITR: When was it that you decided to get involved in the music game and what lead you to that decision?

Mowgli: Honestly, I have told this story a million times and it never gets old. I distinctly remember attending a house party at West Chester University in the fall of ’08 and now close friend of mine was reciting the lyrics to Asher Roth’s “I Love College” outside on the apartment balcony. At first I thought he was freestyle rapping so I continued to give him props when he interrupted me explaining that this was a very popular song produced by a former student at the university. To be brutally blunt, the stereotype image of an African American rapper entered my head. Once I saw Asher’s photo I was naively surprised and drew so much inspiration from the fact a young man from the area in which at the time I was currently in followed his dreams and was successful in doing so. From that point on I taught myself to freestyle rap any and all of the time I could you. The rest is history in the making as we speak. I can’t even believe it has progress as far as it has thus far.

SITR: What can people expect from your music, if you had to describe your style what would that be?

Mowgli: My style is Hip Hop in nature with a touch of R&B and a hint of alt. punk rock. I am influenced by everything from CCR, Drake, Mac Miller, Third Eye Blind, Huey Lewis and The News, The Starting Line, and much, much more. I truly have an open mind and open ears for any genre of music. I love sound period. So overall you can look for a new school indie sound in the upcoming days of my musical journey. Lots if singing, rapping in pitch, and straight up bars to come!

SITR: Tell us about projects that you have worked on and any other projects you are currently working on and people should be on the look out for.

Mowgli: Right now I am currently promoting my mixtape “Just Like You” which I released on November 24th, 2011. New music is always in the making though I have not released too much new material since “Just Like You” dropped. However though I am starting an 8 episode mini installment of a show I call “Off The Top Tuesdays”. Fans will be able to request beats (pre existing or original) for myself to spit over. I will spit on 3 beats a week back to back to back all in a row, freestyling improv. from the top of my mental if you know what I mean! That will start Fed. 28th. Fans can send request to this e mail address as well as or contact me on twitter, facebook, in person or whichever means necessary. Other than that we are planning to drop a few new music videos within the following weeks one being to a song titled “That Feeling.” That being said, we have very BIG plans for the future past this year, which we are drawing up blue prints to on the daily. So stay tuned for a very exciting tomorrow.


Weekly Outsource with Lies of a Murderer

lies of a murderer

 Lies of a Murderer is a melodic metal-core band from the Lehigh Valley located in Pennsylvania.  SITR decided to change it up for this weekly outsource, bringing you a hardcore band. Enjoy!

Interview with Lies of a Murderer 

SITR: Know most of you guys are from the Lehigh Valley, how is the music scene there and also specifically for metal hardcore bands?

LIES: To be honest, for us “local” bands, there is a huge lack of promoters, who are willing to really go out of their way to help get your name out there, unless there is a nice $ Bill sign behind it.
Although, there are still a couple really chill dudes around here that still do it for the love of the music and those are the ones, who truly are keeping this scene alive.

SITR: Who are the biggest influences for the band?

LIES: See.. this is a hard one, because we all come from such different musical backgrounds. Yet, we feel that’s why we get the individual sound that we believe we have. So…

–Paul: Pantera, Killswitch Engage, (OLD) All That Remains are probably my strongest influences as far as what/how I write for this band. Some of the material out of such as: 211 mark dates back from my freshmen year in highschool so since then it has just accumulated to more metal, newer metal bands: The Air I Breathe, August Burns Red and etc…

–Andrew: The Ghost Inside, Despised icon, The Black Dahlia Murder, Misery signals..these are a few of my favorite bands and if you listen to them you’ll understand where my playing/writting style comes from.

–Taylor: I have many of the same influences but also The Faceless, Slayer, Municipal Waste, along with some Primus and Rush.

–Derek: Alex Pelletier (Despised Icon), Dave witte (Municipal Waste), and Shannon Lucas (Black Dahlia Murder).

–Mappy: Jayson Green from Orchid, Jesse Alford from Embrace The End, Anthony Gunnells from Through The Eyes Of The Dead. chyea chyea chyea!

SITR: Is there anything difficult about being a metal hardcore band?

LIES: Many things are to be honest…

1) Even just in this area there are a lot of people trying to do the same damn thing we are doing, which is to be “seen”. The main objective is to be different than the others and to push harder than the rest to really show and prove this is what we want.

2) Another thing is having people that actually like the screaming end of it. To the “general public” screaming is sort of “Too Much” so they stray away. So right there, we lose a lot of potential fans, only because of the cliche outlook the public has on screaming itself.

SITR: Have you guys been playing shows and are there any shows coming up we should know about?

LIES: Playing show is essential to us, being the biggest source of any publicity we get. So we really try to get on any show that is at least genre fitting. All of them (so far) have been within the Valley except for a small show in Philadelphia.

At the moment we have 1 show scheduled for February 4th, 2011 at The Silo in Reading, PA. Details can be found on our facebook page for future shows.

SITR: Have you guys played with any major bands yet, if not are there any hopes to and who would they be?

LIES: Yes, we have played with a few “bigger” bands. So far consisting of:

God Forbid

We hope to play with really any of our influenced bands.. We feel given the right chance, we can really show them what we have, and show we deserve the chance to do what they do everyday… tour.

SITR: Where do you guys see taking your music in the next 6 months to a year? Is there a future for “Lies of a Murderer?

LIES: Without a doubt there is a future for LOAM. There are entirely too many hours of devotion and hopes into this to fall anything short of a future. Our Material has GREATLY Improved in the past Year we have been a band writing as a whole. The amount of fan base we have gathered in the short time we have been together has been AMAZING. The support of fans is what keeps us together. It’s only up from here…

SITR: Speaking of “Lies of a Murderer”, where did the inspiration for the name come?

LIES: A chill ass reggae band from Cali called Tribal Seeds, has a song with that phrase in the we jacked that shit. You should check them out for sure,

SITR: Have any special goals(accomplishments) been met that we should know about?

LIES: Our EP “The Uprising” was recorded with a seasoned producer/engineer, in a multi million dollar studio. We tracked and premixed all 4 songs in one 10hour studio session (with the exception of the post production work.) We feel that’s a pretty solid accomplishment.

SITR: Will you guys be releasing an EP or album anytime soon or just sticking with the latest release of “The Uprising”?

LIES: We are still trying to get that material out in the open seeing as it is fairly new, but we have new material that can be heard at our shows. We’re hoping to get some recognition with The Uprising before the new stuff is recorded. SO CHECK US OUT!!

SITR: Lyrics can be tough to follow at times from metal hardcore bands, but what kind of things are your lyrics based off of?

Straight from the horses ass:
“I generally write my lyrics about my personal life, whether it be family/friends and their addictions, struggling with depression, cutting people off for being drama queens, alcoholism, etc. sometimes I write about positive things though, like smoking tree, or going to the beach.”- Matt (liferuiner) Twardzik

SITR: Do you guys have any last words of wisdom, or shout outs that need to be made?

LIES: Smoke dank nugz, blazed as fuck… rep dipset, peace.

Weekly Outsource with Crossover Kidz

crossover kidz

BIO: Crossover Kidz is a Hip Hop, and extremely musical duo, based out of Boston, MA. that continues to electrify stages all over the United States. After meeting their freshman year of college, MuZ and Droobee found themselves producing, writing, and recording songs right out of their dorm room closet. After only a weeks of working together, they established themselves as the Crossover Kidz and began to pl…an for a live concert. Pulling together a band, instead of using the typical DJ or click track, and using a few weeks to practice, their debut show was a huge success; filling the venue to capacity with over 250 people in attendance. Alongside their high energy backing band, PostWarGraduates, Crossover Kidz continues to build a strong following of energetic youth that can relate to their musical illustrations of college life, while rocketing them to be front and center, relishing in the spotlight of their unexpected rise to stardom.

Name of Album: “Grow Up, Kidz”
Name of Single: “As I Am”
Watch “As I Am” Video:
Download “Grow Up, Kidz” Free Here:
“LIKE” us if you Like US!:

SITR’s exclusive outsource interview with Crossover Kidz

Note in the picture above: Droobie pictured on left. MuZ pictured on right.

SITR: How did you guys meet in college, did you guys feel destined to work as a collaborative music duo?

Droobee: Here’s an old video to answer your question! — Video Here

MuZ: HAHA yea that works, but basically, Droobee was looking for a rapper and his neighbor, Randy, introduced us. We made “All The Things” and its been nothing but magic after that lol.

SITR: How did you guys choose the name “Crossover Kidz”? Is there a special meaning behind it?

Drobee: We were at “the spot” chillin’. Smoking a black. And MuZ will tell you the rest.

MuZ: Hahaha.. Umm we both didn’t really “crossover” to hip hop until high school. Before that, it was just punk rock and alternative pretty much. soo yea… we both just said ” we crossed over” —Crossover Kid We kind of use it now to describe our sound. We try to use influences from different genres.

SITR: As the Crossover Kidz, have you gotten to play with any other major artists or performers?  If you could would they be?

Droobee: No not really. We did CollegeFest which had some big acts. If we could, it’d be Kendrick, Lil B, Waka Flocka Drake, Blu, Kanye, The Cool Kids… I guess. I love all those artists, but I’m tired of listening to hip-hop. So ask me that question in about a year and maybe I’ll give you a more interesting/less generic answer.

MuZ: Basically what Droobee just said lol. I want to perform with Blu and Exile, Karmin, Big KRIT and Pharrell

SITR: I heard your guys first show was jam packed with 250 people in the venue… how intense was that for your first time performing with only weeks of preparation?

Droobee: I was kickin’ it. All I do is jump around on stage and be an awkward hype man, but it was fun!

MuZ: It was amazing. Just seeing everyone enjoy it so much. There isn’t another feeling in the world like being adored on stage by your loyal understanding fans.

SITR: Who are some of your biggest inspirations when coming up with your mixtape, “Grow Up, Kidz”.

Droobee: Besides the other artists/musicians that I’m around 95% of the time, the artists that I listed two questions ago had a big impact.

MuZ: Yea…. I think everyone who hated the freshman tape, “Picture Perfect”, had a huge influence on my writing this time around. I just wanted to prove that we can do something really dope.

SITR: What to do you both want your listeners to take away after listening to your mixtape?

Droobee: I just want them to enjoy it, and pass it to a friend.

MuZ: I want them to just give each song a fare listen. Everything i said on that project has a point to it. I really have an activist spirit and I try to put that into something everyone can take in.

SITR: Do either of you have any suggestions for a fellow college student aspiring for a career in music?

Droobee: Don’t do it because you think you can be like Mac Miller… do it if it actually means something to you.

MuZ: What Droobee said. SMH don’t be like Chris Webby.

SITR: Do you guys have anything planned for 2012; shows, collaborations, and/or albums?

Droobee: MuZ?

MuZ: I got this one January 20th 2012 we are having out fist concert of the year at the Red Room. 939 Boylston St. Boston, MA! We are already in the works with formulating our ideas for the next few projects [Crossover Kidz EP and an EP with just me and my brother, Sick, who produced “Thrill Of It” and “If I was A Rapper”. Also hoping to go on some type of Spring 2012 tour or maybe just an opener slot on someone else’s tour lol.

SITR: How has attending Berklee helped excel your music?

Droobee: The network at the school has done the most, other than that, nothing really.

MuZ: I pretty much hate Berklee except for the Network… so nothing but what Droobee said.

SITR: Since both you come from a college, will you aim to play more of the college scenes in the future or go more mainstream?

Droobee: I thought the college scene was becoming mainstream, but either way, we’ll just see where our music takes us. I’m down for whatever.

MuZ: I say neither. I want to do something thats mainstream in terms of numbers but not in terms of sound. Odd Future is a great model for that. Regardless of if people like the sounds, they are doing great with just distribution.

SITR: Most certainly the most important question.. when will you guys be coming to Penn State University?

Droobee: As soon as someone out there books us a show! AYYYYYY

MuZ: You tell us man! We’ve been waiting haha

SITR: Looks like we are going to have to make some special arrangements for next semester then!

Download “Grow Up, Kidz” Free Here:

Grow Up, Kidz Front CoverGrow Up, Kidz Back Cover