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chads drum app


So for all of you out there lucky enough to be playing drawsomething, words with friends, temple run or whatever on your iphones, check out the Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith’s new app for drummers.

From the app description:

“Watch videos and drum clinics, get the latest news, see the upcoming tour dates and discover drummers you may have never heard before with our unique Drummer GPS! * Read the latest news updates * Listen to tracks spanning all of Chad’s projects * Interact with the Chad Smith Community – post your own comments, photos, and talk to other fans * Get the lowdown on the equipment Chad plays * View photos and videos of Chad * Learn from Chad with his drum clinics * View tour dates for Chad’s many projects * Discover other amazing drummers who Chad draws inspiration from * Follow Chad’s Blog and Twitter feed * And more!”

i have a crackberry so i had to check it out on my roommates phone but its pretty cool. see for yourself:

also, check out Chad’s twitter for more updates!!/RHCPchad