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Childish Gambino Releases New Mixtape and EP

Childish Gambino has released a mixtape STN MTN and an EP KAUAI.

“I had a dream I ran Atlanta.”

STN MTN is Bino’s dream. A retrograde vision where the radio sounds more like it did eight years ago on hip hop stations. The beats on the tape have a distinctly older vibe, mimicking the simplicity of older works like Wayne’s Dedication. It’s an interesting direction for Gambino but he pulls off the old school flows perfectly.

Gambino’s KAUAI EP has a contemporary sound and reminds me more of his most recent studio effort, Because the Internet. Unlike the boom bap of STN MTN, airy synths and reverberating bass take over the EP. There are some interesting features including a “futurist” monologue from “The Boy” Jaden Smith.

“U Don’t Have to Call” is the best track. Check it out.