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DETAILS FOR Countdown to Gov Ball: Part 1
Start: June 6, 2014
End: June 8, 2014

Countdown to Gov Ball: Part 1


I’m havin fun don’t put me down…


Well kids, for everyone not living on the west coast, festival season is officially here. And we are kicking off our coverage of a few major festivals with New York City’s own Governor’s Ball! 3 days and plenty of amazing acts are going to make this year legendary. The festival will be held on Randall’s Island, and will feature some of the biggest acts GovBall has ever seen such as Outkast, Skrillex, the Strokes, and Vampire Weekend.



(here’s the full lineup)

To help get you guys geeked up for all of the incredible artists you will see at this year’s GovBall, we’ve made a day by day playlist full of some of the artists’ best jams. These playlists will not only help pump you up for your favorite artists performing, but you’ll also get a taste of some new music from some amazing up and comers that will be playing the earlier slots.


So get GEEKED UP for this year’s Governor’s Ball and the tons of incredible bands that you’ll be seeing this weekend.




Check back tomorrow for our guide to GovBall schedule conflicts and can’t miss acts!