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Dance Phenomenon Madera Fashions Fantastic Mashup of Ke$ha And Dada Life

Underground dance music is leading EDM away from its formulaic and boring mentality, and burgeoning DJs like Madera are heading that movement. The 23-year-old NYC dance phenom doesn’t just create club crunchers with your standard four-to-the-floor beats. Rather, he brings different shades of rock together and compacts them with synthesizers, fashioning brain-blasting dance anthems. His work caught the ears of synth-pop powerhouses Dragonette, and they were so impressed they chose Madera to officially remix their single “Live In This City.” In addition, Madera’s brushed up records from all across the pop music spectrum, such as fun.’s “Some Nights” or Zedd’s “Clarity.” He also has some fantastic original pieces as well, showing off his true talent as a musician.

Just last week he dropped a new track in the form of a mashup. “Died So Young Died So High” combines Ke$ha’s “Die Young” and the Dillon Francis remix of Dada Life’s “So Young So High.” He carefully intermixes Ke$ha’s vocals with the Dillon Francis remake, giving the alternative mix some ubiquity while retaining its fresh and raw atmosphere.  With “Died So Young Died So High,” Madera adds another smash to his constantly expanding list of Grade-A productions, and further cements what is sure to be a lasting career.

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