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Five Questions We Have After Listening To "Multiply"


We waited and wondered what was coming from A$AP Rocky when he created a viral site complete with a Doomsday-esque countdown. Pretty Flacko didn’t disappoint as he released a new single called “Multiply” late last night. The rapper makes his return after a mini-hiatus over a devilish beat complete with three stunt-heavy verses. Rocky’s accompanying music video upped the ante as A$AP Mob ran loose on the streets of New York.  However, we were left with a few questions after listening to the banger. Maybe you had the same questions?

1. HBA Hate?

At one point A$AP Rocky was synonymous with the street wear brand Hood By Air. Rocky wore Shayne Oliver’s graphic heavy fits everywhere. He even walked in HBA’s Fall 2013 show during New York Fashion Week. On the ghastly track “Angels” Rocky slyly raps, “N*ggas got rips in they jeans man I started that. Hood By Air man I started that.” . The rest of Long.Live.A$AP is littered with HBA  references.  So, why all the shade now? The rapper proclaims, “HBA shit is weak, you can keep that” on “Multiply”. What changed?

2. Been Trill Shots?

Been Trill’s weird art/rap collective is huge. Whether you like the fact that it’s readily available for suburban hypebeasts at your local mall is valid point. However, there is no mistaking the brand’s enormous pull. Virgil Abloh, Kanye West’s “style adviser”, is one the brand’s five creative leaders. The movement also has ties to rapper/producer Travis Scott. Rocky essentially claims that the Been Trill set stole his personal steez. We just wonder if this bold fashion proclamation will reverberate. Keep your eyes open for subtweets, people.

3. Can You Rap About Rappers?

We here at SITR are fans of Rocky’s style. The self proclaimed Balmain Badass is influential. So, checking a few people and asserting your sartorial reign of fire is cool with us. But Rocky also calls out a lot of fake guys outside of the realm of fashion. He goes as far as name dropping Pimp C (a trill idol of his) and enlisting Juicy J for a sh*t talking epilogue. The entire song is about erasing the fake while bringing back the real. We understand Rocky’s personal style is intertwined with his music. It’s a complex mix of culture. Some veiled shots at a few rappers would’ve been nice though. Rocky is a Tumblr deity, runway loyalty, a producer of culture.. but don’t forget he’s a rapper too. Lord Flacko needs to keep it gutter and compete with other artists.

4. What’s Up With Ferg?

A$AP Ferg’s first week sales landed him a top ten spot on Billboard’s Top 200. The debut album also brought some decent reviews from Pitchfork and XXL. Since then Fergie Ferg has recorded with Haim, Elle Varner, SBTRKT, Big Krit, and Mali. That’s a varied assortment of artists which only goes to show Fergenstein’s range. If you haven’t heard Ferg’s “Petit Valley” I suggest you take a trip to his soundcloud and listen now (thank us later). Since the second collective A$AP Mob tape was shelved when’s the next time we can hear Ferg? We’d hate to rain on Jodye’s parade but the second in command deserves some shine. Ferg is a monster and we want to hear his sophomore effort.

5. Chanel

Where’s Chanel Iman? Are Rocky and his fashion killa boo still an item? A certain SITR writer is very single and asked if we’d post this. That’s all.