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Movin' On Battle Showcase: Flashback Forward

What’s up ya’ll?

So as you know, or you should, on March 23rd the 2013 Movin’ On Battle of the Bands will take place! The line-up for The Battle has been released, and I took a listen to a few of the bands. One band that really stood out to me is Flashback Forward.  The band consists of Tyler who plays the keys and sings, Aida who shreds the guitar, Elliot works on drums and, and Zach is the bassist.

I had to giggle at their bio on Facebook because I loved it!  This is what it said, “We’re Flashback Forward. We sound like U2, Coldplay, and Incubus and nothing like Nicki Minaj.”

The band is classified in the alternative rock genre. I did some research and found a song titled “Surrender.” The melody got me hooked instantly. Check it out here.


Make sure you check out Flashback Forward and all the other bands who will battling it out on March 23rd! Don’t miss it ya’ll.