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G-Dragon Releases New Album: One of a Kind

Ever since one of my best friends introduced me to Korean band BIGBANG and, subsequently, to G-Dragon, I’ve been counting down the moments until he released new music. I never would’ve guessed that I’d have a three year hiatus (the Fall Out Boy fan in me cringes at that word) to contend to. Thankfully, on September 15th my patience was rewarded, and his much anticipated mini-album One of a Kind was released on iTunes.

Yes, I did contemplate skipping class to listen to these songs. Instead, I opted for walking really slowly and (attempting) to resist the urge to dance. I failed at that attempt, though, because this album is absolutely impossible not to dance to. Every song, from the hip-hop beats in “One of a Kind” and “Crayon,” to the guitar in “That XX,” makes me want to try out those moves I’ve been learning in R.A.M. Squad.

And that’s what I love so much about GD: every song he produces, whether it’s hip-hop or pop, makes me want to let loose and have fun. Even his music videos, as strange as they may be, are a reflection of that aspect of his personality.

Over all, I definitely recommend giving this album a listen, not just because I love GD, but because it has to ability to appeal to a wide array of music lovers. For the hip-hop and rap devotees, there’s “Crayon”, “One of a Kind” and “Today”, for the more mellow listeners there’s “That XX” and “Missing You”, and for the pop lovers there’s “Without You”. Once again, GD proves he’s both a versatile artist and a creative entertainer, but here’s to not having to wait another three years for more content.

I’d really skip class then.

Number of Songs: 6

Favorite Songs: “Crayon” and “That XX”