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Hey kids, do you like… pop punk and emo music?

Hey kids, do you like… pop punk and emo music?

If you’re an avid lover, these next three weeks will be heaven for you!

If you are unsure of what pop-punk/emo are, now is the perfect time to check them out!

If you’re a hater.. well, give these albums a listen so you can hate all the more effectively!

Coming out first, on October 6th, an emo-filled Monday from Moose Blood as they release their album I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time. Check out two songs from it below!

Following emo Monday will be a music filled  pop-punk Tuesday on October 7th with the release of State Champs’ The Acoustic Things via Pure Noise Records, and New Found Glory’s outrageously anticipated Resurrection via Hopeless Records. Singles from both are linked below!

Check out the music and let us know what you think!

Keep it Real, State