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Hey NCAA, YOU have a culture problem



You may be the most corrupt organization governing anything in the United States right now.  You handle the biggest sports organization in the country, and are responsible for monitoring, governing, and disciplining universities when they infringe upon your rules.  Against Penn State, you took a report, assumed it as FACT, didn’t do your own research or investigation, and made a landmark, precedent setting, ruling against a university that has no current ties to the issues at hand.  Your sanctions are crippling, and if it wasn’t for the will of this great university to overcome adversity and always be on top, you would have knocked us down to a point that we might not have been able to recover from.  Now your new issue is dealing with the academic fraud at the University of North Carolina.  You have been handed multiple documents disclosing academic fraud going on at a university that is a pillar in the college basketball world, and certainly holds its own in many other sports.  They are accused of letting athletes slide academically, which in my mind tells me that these players are coming to college and not even getting the education that they were promised.  You may think that it doesn’t matter, because they will all be professional athletes one day.  That is not the case.  Eventually they will be unable to play their respective sport anymore, and then what? They will be stuck doing jobs that they would have done with their high school education. Today you have decided that amidst all of the evidence you have been given, UNC is not guilty of any rule infractions under your current set of rules.  If I remember correctly, neither was Penn State.  UNC will have no sanctions against them, no players losing scholarships, and no one to stop this academic fraud.  You have again set a dangerous precedent.  You said Penn State had a culture problem, and we were too “football-minded.” NCAA, YOU have a culture problem. YOU have an inability to govern your organization properly.  YOU need to be reorganized, get some new leadership, and get some serious lessons on how to rule on matters consistently.  This argument could be made whether I was a Penn State fan or not. It is blatantly obvious that you have absolutely zero control over the universities you govern, and most definitely yourselves. Think about it.



A Concerned Fan