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Hipster Artist of the Week : Chet Faker.

Sex, Beats, Sugar, Soul, Magic.

The best music I discover usually is found while I am busy procrastinating, even when I have a loads of work left to do. So it’s late at night; 3 assignments due tomorrow and here I am relentlessly trying to keep my hands off the computer screen, trying my best to not be tempted by the forbidden fruit of the internet. But hey, I am human, and so my fingers reach for the mouse. I was clicking link after link trying to find a good song that would fit the mood of the night, promising myself “after this, I will study”. Have you ever had those moments when Youtube takes you to a completely different world of music you never thought existed? I first clicked Chet Faker’s link admiring his beard style; but once I heard the music, I was hooked.

Nick Murphy started making music at the age of 15 in his Melbourne garage at home. Deeply rooted to the Melbourne Acoustic and Techno House scene, he looked to find an amalgamation between the two. His love for soul and his passion for electronic music led him to his debut EP Thinking in Textures in 2012. From the shadows of the great Jazz/Soul legend Chet Baker; a new artist arose. Adopting the name of Chet Faker, he created what I would call a mix of Post Dub/Post House/Minimalist/Electronic/New Soul; but even terming it as anyone of those would still seem wrong. It’s almost as if he touches every musical genre in its slightest to create a genre of his own.

If I had to describe his music in one word, I’d say it was “eargasmic”. His single, I’m Into You from his debut is one of those songs you will put on repeat till you grow sick of it. The use of minimalist, almost mute drums and the synthesized keyboard sounds, ornamented with atmospheric vocals make the song the “drunk soul” that it is.

His other single, Love and Feeling is what one of my friends call “the perfect music for making love”. I don’t blame him, the song does carry with it that sexual atmosphere, with great samples and soul sounds on the guitar and the keyboard. Murphy himself calls his music as the “crossover between sex and sleep”.

However, what wins the most are his vocals: casual, drunk, sleepy, soul-ish, piercing through the electronic environment to create an world of his own. If you are looking for better ways to spend your half awaken nights or your drunk Friday evenings; I suggest you plug in the speaker, turn on the bass, dim the lights and lose yourself in his music. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

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