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Indie-pop Chanteuse Stacy Clark Drops Delectable "Days Into Nights" EP

Days Into Nights is an appropriate name for Buffalo-born songstress Stacy Clark’s latest EP, churning through the haze and shadows of Clark’s softly downtrodden lyricism with rays of bright acoustics and electronics. This delightful dichotomy brings the highs and lows of the 4-track effort together into one cohesive, charming musical product.

The title track tugs and pulls with a delicate indie-electro flow, the burping bass thrusting the beats into Clark’s cyanide hooks as the chorus singes with electric acoustic guitars. The instrumentation effectively bolsters the pain and frustration in Stacy Clark’s voice, and even when the second chorus opens up into the light bridge, the darkness is still felt even amongst the breath of sun.

“Days Into Nights” transitions effortlessly into “Lose My Mind,” toning down the indie and turning up the frothy sugar and pop production. Opening up with a chorus of Clark’s bittersweet harmonies, an upbeat acoustic guitar floats amongst the adorable 808 beats. And even when Clark cries “seeing you, it makes me lose my mind,” the lyrics are sandwiched between such gripping melodies and cotton candy synthesizers that it comes across as wonderfully unnerving.

The third quarter of Days Into Nights, “Next Town” makes no efforts to hide the melancholy fog that sifts amongst the eclectic electronica, as Clark layers her voice over ambient guitar licks and organ keys. There’s a burning sense of nostalgia and bitterness that adds a cunning edge to each word and note that Clark sings, and though short, “Next Town” certainly leaves its mark.

“Everything’s Changing” is an entirely acoustic affair, featuring former Jack’s Mannequin frontman Andrew McMahon. The track shows both Clark and McMahon at their most organic, gently harmonizing over the pooling acoustic guitars and raindrop piano keys. Both vocalists imbue a haunting sadness into the track, and the refrain perfectly encapsulates the emptiness of apathy amongst the strange monotony of life’s changes.

The EP dropped earlier this month, and you can stream it in full on SoundCloud BY CLICKING HERE. You can also find it on iTunes BY CLICKING HERE.