State In The Real – Penn State Music Scene

Return To Matter by Keegan Tawa feat. Kathleen Warner

         The new Tawa is out and man is it a banger. As a long time fan of Keegan’s I’ve been looking forward to this song and it did not fail to disappoint. With clean synths and pumping bass, this dynamic piece is clear evidence his production is only getting better. The atmospheric piano throughout the song hypnotizes you as the bright lead builds and builds to a crisp release as warm strings bring tension down. Basically what I’m saying is get ready to dance because listening to this song sitting down is impossible. The choice of vocalist, Kathleen Warner, could not be more on point. Her warm yet airy singing fits perfectly with the ethereal beat, her voice was clearly made for EDM. Kathleen’s flawless tone is highlighted by catchy lyrics authored by Penn State’s own Fleece Genius. There’s definitely a lot of potential in ghostwriting for this guy. When these three talented artists collab on one song, it’s hard to imagine anything other than perfection occurring, and that’s what we got. Here’s to hoping for more collaborations soon!