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Miley debuts video for "Wrecking Ball"

Miley Cyrus bares it all in her brand-spankin’ new video for “Wrecking Ball.” If you weren’t keen on the fact that Miley likes to show as much skin as possible… you are now. The video alternates between a naked and a barely clothed Cyrus as she either rides a wrecking ball or we see it destroy a concrete wall. Though maybe stretching the idea that she is super in-charge of her sexuality, the nudity Miley chose to display represents the sense of vulnerability of being emotionally wrecked. She has clean makeup on her face, with white clothes (when she does choose to cover up), and this contrasts against the black wrecking ball — which oddly seems to suggest some innocence, who knew she had any left? I think this video is a great compilation of what Miley is — still a great pop artist but a new-coming-of-age version of herself. All sexual acts on a wrecking ball aside- this video is still less weird than “We Can’t Stop” so let’s all just take a second to appreciate that.