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MLKjr's Top 12 Dream Jams




The world, including many artists, has been inspired by the words and actions of the great Martin Luther King Jr. On this day of appreciation, we can remember Dr. King through inspirational music of the past and present. These musicians sing about hopes, dreams, change, and love, carrying on the messages of this powerful figure. We may only have one official day to truly honor a man who spent a lifetime fighting for equality and unity of all people, but his words and the words of all he inspired will live on forever.


Chosen by Taylor
Chosen by Topher
Chosen by Chris M.
Chosen by Samantha
Chosen by Jenna
Chosen by Tina
Chosen by Monica
Chosen by Alanna
Chosen by Johnny
Chosen by Chris W.
Chosen by Michael
R.I.P. Martin Luther King Jr.