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MySpace Making A Comeback?

Remember MySpace?  Creating your whole layout only to slow your page’s load time, or picking which song visitors should hear upon arriving at you page?  Ah the good ol’ days.  Well thanks to Justin Timberlake, today MySpace is saying ‘I want you back’ as they unveil a whole new layout for the social media burn out.  The video reveals a completely interactive interface that will almost remind you of the Windows mobile operating system.  They plan to revamp the site to really give entertainment it’s own place in social media with a strong focus on music.  One of the most notable features is a tab labeled ‘mixes‘ which allows users to have an entire page dedicated to their playlists almost like a photo album.

Ultimately, this dying space on the internet needs to do more than just bettering what they used to do.  MySpace is going to need to give good reason to come back when alternatives like Facebook and Twitter really provide anything a fan is looking for.  A message left on the website states that “we’re staying true to our roots in one important way – empowering people to express themselves however they want.”