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New Dance Craze: The Harlem Shake


Just when you thought you’ve caught up on your monthly dose of internet memes and sensations- there comes along a new dance craze that’s popping up all over YouTube. Korea, you may have Gangnam Style, but America has upped the ante with our “Harlem Shake”.

Catchy dubstep electronic doesn’t get more animated than when you add this freestyle dance that even the most amateur of dancing fools can emulate.

“The Harlem Shake” , a song by New York DJ, Bauuer, was introduced to the internet on August 23rd, 2012, but its fame has since skyrocketed with the satirical dance memes that followed.

The video starts off with one person dancing by himself in a room full of seemingly normal people, going about their everyday business. When the beat drops, all bets are off, and the background people explode to life, dressed in strange costumes matched with equally spastic dance moves.

The zero to sixty effect is shockingly hilarious, and gives us another reason to like it “shaken, not stirred”.

ATLAS did the Harlem Shake:

The original Harlem Shake:

Grandmas are even doing the Harlem Shake:

More Harlem Shake:

Possibly the best version yet:

The dance that can be recreated anywhere from a college dorm room to an abandoned factory is sure to please even the most dubious of all web surfers. Get your shake on!