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New Killers Music: "The Way It Was"

Las Vegas’s biggest band just came out with a new album, Battle Born, in case you haven’t heard. And it’s great.

The Killers’ previous album, Day & Age, introduced some new elements to the band’s sound. Namely, listening to it, one could just tell that this band hailed straight from the City of Sin, in the middle of the desert. Call it a southwestern alternative rock twang, but it was fantastic nonetheless. Check out the track “Neon Tiger” and listen to the instrumentation to get a sense of what we’re talking about.

Well, this new album incorporates that same, distinguished Las Vegas sound, and mixes it with the pure energy from Hot Fuss and Sam’s Town. Battle Born, on the whole, is a thorough romp that only The Killers could bring us. One track off of it is “The Way It Was”; check it out below.