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New Music Tuesday – November 19th

Happy Tuesday State In The Real readers! Its a awesome week for the pop punk and post-hardcore genres. First up we have an EP split by Forever Came Calling and Family Theif, and next is Polar Bear Club with Death Chorus. Enjoy!

Forever Came Calling, Family Theif – Split
Label: Pure Noise Records

Two of my favorite things have co-mingled in this EP: one, an amazing split and two, pop punk goes acoustic.

Two awesome bands, Forever Came Calling and Family Thief, have teamed up to bring the lovers of pop punk a split EP!

Forever Came Calling recently released an album on July 24th titled Contender and now fans are buzzing; waiting for this split EP to complete the most epic year in Forever Came Calling history.

What is expected from FCC is a hands in the air, crowd surfing good time but this album takes a turn for the best, including vivid vocals, brilliant lyrics, as always, a massive string section and acoustic guitar parts that melt your heart. It is always an amazing thing when a band can go from pop punk rock stars to sappy acoustic gods and do it so well. These songs take you back to a place, surrounded with young love and running around the East Coast in summer. Okay, I have to go call an old high school flame now. Bye.

Family Theif pours heart and soul into the creation of the final two emotionally beautiful songs. They are two well crafted acoustic tracks that make you want to sway and sing along. While Family Thief is still and artist in the making, I see them blowing up in the near future.

This EP may claim the position of the number one EP released this year. It comes so close to perfection it’s scary. It is phenomenal!

The EP release features two new songs from each band so take a listen below then go petition that they make more!

Forever Came Calling

1. “Endangered Innocent”

2. “Front Porch Sunrise”

Family Thief

3. “Jack and Coke”

4. “Well Dressed Man”


Polar Bear Club – Death Chorus
Label: Rise Records

The Post-hardcore band, Polar Bear Club from upstate New York, is out with their new album titled, Death Chorus!

After signing with Ride Records in April of this year, Polar Bear Club announced that they would be releasing a new album in the fall and they did not disappoint.

Frontman Jimmy Stadt, on the title of the album: ”

There ended up being a couple songs with ‘death’ or ‘dying’ in the lyrics. That’s where the name came from. The mood is really upbeat, and we liked the contrasting vibe that the title brought to the sound of the album; it reflects the contrasting notions of death in that way. We dug that.”

Be sure to checkout the latest from the Polar Bear Club and get your copy of Death Chorus today!

Other albums being released this week include: Tigers Jaw – Hum 7”, Reggie And The Full Effect – No Country For Old Musicians, Matt Pryor – Wrist Slitter, Daughtry – Baptized, Kevin Churko – Prospect Park, and Jake Bugg – Shangri La

Hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of New Music Tuesday! Check back next week to see what popular new albums are out, but until then, keep it real.