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A Slower Side of Nicki

Ok, so we all know Nicki Minaj. Some of us like her, some of us despise her. Some of us can spit her old raps (because they were bangin’), some of us bash our heads into the walls when we hear her voice coming through the speakers. She’s been all over the place lately, recently transitioning from rap to more dance-y music (see Starships, Pound the Alarm, and Whip It). Her newest single, “Freedom,” on which she reflects on her whirlwind success and her appreciation for how far she’s come, is actually pretty good! Being a slower jam, it’s not her usual flow, but it still has a little “Badass Nicki” to it. Her album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded the Re-Up is scheduled to be re-released November 19th! So if you liked her first single “The Boys” maybe you wanna give this one a shot too! Anyway, who am I to say whether or not you’ll like the song, just listen for yourself!