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Outsource interview with singer songwriter Noah Guthrie

 Noah Guthrie

SITR: Can you tell us a little about yourself, where your from, and how you got into music?

My name is Noah Guthrie, I’m 18 years old and I’m from Greer, SC. I’ve been immersed in music since I was little. My dad has always been a singer and musician and I’ve pretty much grown up in a studio. I started writing and playing at 13 years old.

SITR: How has social media including YouTube helped your success versus performing in a traditional setting with a live audience?

Social media like Youtube and Facebook have been fantastic tools for getting my sound out all over the world. Youtube enabled me to be noticed by the Ellen Degeneres Show (Link here) and then to sign a management contract with Selena Gomez and her parent’s, Brian and Mandy’s, management company, LH7 Management. Without the exposure from my Youtube videos, I wouldn’t be nearly as far along in my career.

noah guthrie selena gomez

SITR: What is to come for you in the very near future? Also have you had any great successes we should know about?

Well, I’m finishing up my first original album project right now and I’m really excited about it! I also just had the opportunity to play at the KIIS-FM Grammy Awards Pre-Party in Los Angeles. That was VERY cool!

SITR: Where do you see your self in 4 years from this point? Will you be looking to attend college, focus on your music, or even both?

I’d love to be touring and playing my music. I also would love to study music and continue my education.

SITR: What are some other artists you have worked with or opened for?

I’ve had some great opportunities lately! I opened for Selena Gomez in Charlotte, NC and then, I had the honor of opening for she and Big Time Rush at Selena’s Benefit For UNICEF at the House of Blues in LA. I’ve done a couple of duet Youtube videos with the amazing Christina Grimmie. I opened for Tyler Hilton and Eilen Jewell, and soon Vanessa Carlton! Recently, while in Los Angeles, I got to write with some great songwriters like Jonathan Korszyk, Javier Dunn (Guitarist for Sara Bareilles), and Katelyn Clampett (one of Selena’s backup singers who is also an amazing artist herself).



SITR: What was it like performing at Penn State University and opening for Vanessa Carlton on 3/16/2012 (to be answered after show – Event Link)?

I had such an incredible time opening for Vanessa Carlton! PSU is such a beautiful place and everyone was so helpful and friendly. I definitely hope to play there again soon!

SITR: Do you have any suggestions for young musicians trying to get heard or wanting to perform?

My suggestion is just to play in front of people as much as you can. No venue or audience is too small. I play a lot of small coffeehouses and open mics because you just never know who is listening. I was playing a showcase at a small club in Nashville, TN and after I finished, a girl came up and complimented me on my set. It was dark and I wasn’t expecting it to be someone famous but then I realized it was Sara Bareilles! She was so nice! That’s how I met her guitarist, Javier Dunn, and made the connection that led to our writing together in LA.

SITR: What/who have been some of your biggest inspirations and supporters throughout your music career?

Well, I have a lot of influences including U2, The Civil Wars, Marc Broussard, and Dave Matthews. My greatest support group is my family and friends and of course all of my awesome fans!

SITR: Have you written any of your own music, or do you simply enjoy doing covers? What is your favorite song to cover? (please name a few if you would like)

Yes, actually the main thing I do is write my own music but on the Youtube page, I only post covers. I’m not really sure what my favorite cover song is but I really enjoyed covering “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse.

SITR: Any big shows coming up after this Penn State show with Vanessa Carlton happening on 3/16/2012?

We’re working on traveling this Summer as the opener on a couple of tours but things aren’t finalized yet. I’ll be releasing a single soon so there will be lots of shows in support of that.

SITR: Do you have any other shout-outs and/or mentions you would like to make…we would love to hear them?!

I just want to say thank you so much to PSU for having me. It’s gonna be my first time in PA so I’m very excited to play for y’all! I think its gonna be a great show!