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PA hardcore band Pissed Jeans' New Album is Raw, Angry, and Full of Energy

It’s not every day when you stumble upon a punk band like this. In a genre that some have argued to be “dead,” it can seem as though many current punk outfits are either going soft on us with their sound, or making a feeble attempt to recreate the energy and aggression of the early hardcore pioneers.

And along comes Pissed Jeans, an Allentown, PA act whose new album Honeys literally floors me.

Although the Jeans have been releasing material for 8 years, Honeys is their biggest and most anticipated album to date. The heavy grittiness of Bradley Fry’s guitar and Matt Korvette’s psychotic howls combine perfectly, making their music certified headbanging material for any fans of punk rock or hardcore.

All of Pissed Jeans’ characteristics come together so tightly on this album: wildly chaotic guitar riffs, drum beats capable of inciting a riot, and lyrics full of angst and the frustrations of adult life. If I had to choose one word to describe this album, it would be genuine. Rarely do I hear a punk band whose raw energy genuinely sounds intimidating (in a good way).

And despite their dark and gritty sound, the band is very conscious of the ideas behind their songs. They’re not screaming for the sake of being angry; they’re telling you it’s okay to live an adult life while retaining a youthful spirit. Their lyrics are built around frustrations with social evils that seem to go unnoticed in today’s life: prejudice, sexism, and being naive of oneself. Each song has a different message, and despite humorous undertones (take “Health Plan,” a song about being afraid of the doctor), the music makes you question things, and that is something all musicians should aspire to do.

The bottom line is: if you’re into heavy, the sounds on Honeys will hit you in the face like a brick.

Here are some of my favorite tracks:

“Bathroom Laughter”


“Health Plan”

Pick up Honeys from Sub Pop Records or iTunes.