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DETAILS FOR Passion Pit “Pinning” Contest on April 21st
Start: April 17, 2015
Venue: Penn State's Campus

Passion Pit “Pinning” Contest on April 21st

Passion Pit's Kindred 4/21

A monumental online contest for Passion Pit is set to take place on April 21st on Penn State’s campus to promote Passion Pit’s highly anticipated album, Kindred, as well as their upcoming show on May 1st. The contest will take place April 21st starting at 10 a.m., the day of Kindred’s release.

The contest itself is a unique and fun way for students to be sneaky, while easily entering themselves into a social media contest to win a Passion Pit prize pack. All a student has to do to enter is find or get pinned with a “Passion Pit Pin.” A Passion Pit Pin is a clothespin that reads on one side, “Kindred 4/21 #PassionPitPSU.” The other side will read “Pic it, # &  Post it, Pass it on!” 100 pins will be distributed the day of the event randomly to students and will circulate around campus.

Passion Pit Pins

Passion Pit Pins

After a student finds or is clipped with a Passion Pit Pin they must take a photo of it, and put it onto any of their social media pages with the hashtag “#PassoinPitPSU.” Once someone takes a photo of the pin they are supposed to sneakily pin one of their friends or another unsuspecting victim.

A winner will be chosen from all those who entered at 10 a.m. on April 22nd, and announced through State in the Real’s social media accounts. The winner must be following State in the Real’s Facebook or Twitter account to be direct messaged.

Be sure to join the Facebook event for Passion Pit Pinning to keep up to date on an locations of the pins as well as our announced winner!

For more information regarding the Passion Pit Pin event, contact Sony Music Entertainment State College Representative, Brittany Hicks, at