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Penn State Indie Band, Naked Mondays, Releases an EP Recorded Abroad

When Naked Mondays went on official hiatus after 3 of the 4 members left for their respective study abroad trips last semester, America wasn’t done with them. While Collin Edgar-Smith was breaking down jazz chords in London, Nate Spilman was learning flamenco guitar in Spain, and Zane Matsko was devouring every dnb song he could find, Penn State was busy voting Naked Mondays as the best band at Penn State. The drummer, Mike Hickman, might have accepted the award if he were not off the Facebook grid and completely unaware of the band’s winning. “The Hiatus EP” is the result of Collin, Zane, and Nate’s inability to stop making music together despite miles of distance between members. After meeting up in several locations around the world, the boys have brought us a few covers and new tunes from their travels. As the study abroad season winds to a close and the members slowly return to reunite in America, this is a sure sign of Naked Mondays inevitable return to the stage.

Collin on the EP – “The song really came together naturally after not writing with each other for a while.”

Zane on the EP – “Each cover of Custom Concern was recorded on our own so it came out totally different for each of us.”

The amateur recording and cavalier attitudes displayed throughout the tracks really give the EP a Front Bottoms quality. And the singalong to Frank Ocean’s  ‘Thinkin Bout You’ makes me want to sit and reminisce about countless nights spent jamming with friends on porches.

Grab the download and hear for yourself!